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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A ProGreen Synthetic Grass Dealer

What's the difference between a Dealer and Certified Installer?

Certified Installers are trained at our headquarters in Denver receive leads from the corporate office after training.

What's required to maintain my Dealership status?

Dealers must consistently purchase turf from ProGreen on an annual basis.

Why do some artificial grass companies charge over $10,000 for a dealership?

Prices can vary greatly, and most of our competitors charge very high start up fees. ProGreen believes that you will achieve greater and faster success by spending more of your initial capital on product and local advertising as opposed to spending your start up capital on excessive fees. ProGreen is not successful unless you are successful! Before signing on with any company do your due diligence. Make sure you talk to many successful dealers before you invest.

How do I pay for ProGreen Synthetic Grass™ and accessories?

ProGreen accepts major credit cards, certified checks and wire transfers. We require 100% pre-payment on all orders.

Can I test the market before I become a ProGreen Dealer?

Absolutely. We can send you promotional items and brochures for only $50. Your customers will then buy through ProGreen and you will receive a finder's fee.

Will I receive an exclusive territory?

We do not initially offer exclusive territories. However, once you build a history of consistent sales with ProGreen we can make arrangements for exclusivity. You have to walk before you run. It's possible that there may be other ProGreen Dealers in your area. If this happens we encourage you to co-op with other those other dealers.

Are there any restrictions on selling ProGreen Grass outside of my assigned area?

We do have current dealers with exclusive territories. You will be shown the areas that are restricted before you sign on as a ProGreen Dealer. If you encounter a sale in one of these restricted areas you will need to contact that exclusive dealer. If this happens, feel free to negotiate a finder's fee.

Will I receive leads from ProGreen's Corporate Office?

Leads will be distributed to Certified Installers immediately. Dealers will receive leads from our corporate office on a merit basis after a proven sales history.

What do I need to know about the competition?

ProGreen has been in the artificial grass business since 1987, almost twice as long as some of the main trade groups in the artificial turf industry! We are the oldest privately owned company in the business. There are a few other big players in the market; but, historically, most artificial grass companies tend to come and go in a short period of time.

What sets ProGreen apart from our competitors is the length of time we've been in business (over a quarter century), our commitment to our dealers/installers, our proprietary products, our extensive knowledge of installation techniques, and our quality assuance during every step of the manufacturing process at OUR OWN FACTORIES. We also pride ourselves on company-wide dedication to quality, reliability, performance, service, and support. We offer many different turf products for a wide range of applications such as putting greens, tee lines, lawns, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, dog runs, green roofs, playgrounds, traffic medians, retail displays, athletic fields, and more.

Do you offer on-going training?

Yes, we have a dedicated dealer website and e-bulletin board that will keep you up to date on any breaking news, the latest products, new/updated installation techniques, and business strategies.

What kind of equipment will I need?

You will need to have either a truck or a work van. Basic installation equipment includes spreaders, landscape edging, utility knives, wheelbarrows and shovels. Additional equipment that may be needed or helpful includes a nylon bristle power broom, a plate compactor, a water roller, a sod cutter, and for larger jobs a walk-behind street sweeper with nylon brushes. These items can usually be rented while you grow your business.

What steps do I take to become a ProGreen Dealer?

The first step is to contact us. We will then assess your situation and determine how we could best work together. The next step is to sign a ProGreen Dealer Agreement and place your first order. That's it! Get in on this established, yet emerging market today!

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