How To Build a Backyard Bocce Ball Court With Artificial Turf

The pallino was about 30 feet away. 

The pallino is the small ball you’re aiming at. I didn’t know that either… but now we both do.

I had about a two foot space to roll my bocce ball and I would take the win.

I remember it rolling half way there. It was breaking to my right… everything was looking great. 

What seemed out of nowhere… but I should have seen this coming…

A biker rode by and right in the path of my ball

This game was taking place on the beach. And the bikers tire left a half inch impression in the sand.

My ball popped up about two inches and veared off sharp right.

I stood there bocce shocked. I couldn’t believe my perfect roll was sabotaged.

You know what I hate about bocce ball at the beach? Besides losing…

The sand.

In my defeat I remember putting the bocce ball set in my car and sand was everywhere.

Imagine A Crisp Bocce Ball Court With Clean Artificial Turf

No sand.

No indentions.

Artificial turf is a great surface for: 

  • Your home
  • A bar 
  • A hotel common area
  • An apartment common area

It’s a perfect family and community area for more than just bocce ball, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

How To Install An Artificial Turf Bocce Ball Court

Bocce ball court ProGreen installed.

Step 1: Grade The Area Where Your Court Will Be

Your court needs to be graded so it’s flat

If there’s a little curve or break… it wouldn’t work. All the bocce balls would end up in the same small area. Kiss fun bocce games goodbye.

This fact alone is one major reason why you should hire a professional artificial turf installer. They can grade your court so it’s flat.

Step 2: Add The Base Layer

A good turf base layer is made of a stone subbase. These stones add a significant weight and stability to the construction.

You don’t want any dips and bumps, so having a subbase will give the court an even and firm playing field.

A concrete base could work as well, but foundation sinkage is always a little bigger of an issue compared to using stone.

Here at ProGreen, we recommend 3/8ths stone subbase.

Step 3: Install The Turf

Okay things get a little tough from here.

Lay And Measure The Turf

Before you lay your turf… you need to measure the width and lenfth of your bocce ball court.

Our PG Augusta Turf and the more premium PG 4000 come in 15 foot rolls. So there will be some waste you will have to account for.

Again, this is why a profession installer is so important. You will get accurate measurements and cut down on turf waste.

Lay the turf in your court area. 

And once the turf is down… you need to measure and mark off your cuts. This is always a nerve racking step because once you cut you can’t redo. 

Make sure you double check your measurements and lines. Maybe triple check.

Brush And Infill The Turf

Things aren’t going to get much easier from here.

Once your turf is down and the cuts are made… you need to brush the turf on your court.

Brushing will make the strands of the turf stand straight up. This is vital because you want the infill to sink deep in the turf.

What’s infill?

Infill is silica or coated sand that acts as a ballast to hold the turf in place. Plus, infill can affect the speed of your ball, letting you decide the difficulty of your court.

You can see why I suggest you use a professional installer. There’s a lot that can go wrong and a turf bocce ball court is too expensive to have a subpar court that doesn’t meet your standards.

Block In Your Court’s Edges And Finish It Off

Now you can block in the court’s edges and make this thing look professional.

Wood planks are a great option.

You can stain the wood and give the court a refined country club feel.

You can use stone slabs but this is pretty expensive for a do it yourself job.

I would not recommend single stones or any other uneven border. It can cause uneven pulling on the turf surface over time… and this will lead to your court losing it’s flat design.

Of course once you block in the court you can always add stone accents or shrubs to create a refined look to your court.

The Best Artificial Turf For a Bocce Ball Court

At ProGreen we sell two types of turf that would be perfect.

1. PG Augusta turf

2. PG 4000

When fully complete each of these turfs have a short end turf height.

  • They look just like a real putting green…
  • They roll just like a real putting green…

I’m not kidding when I say the finished product – with these two turfs – looks, feels, and rolls like a real putting green. It’s pretty incredible.

These are the same turfs we use for our backyard putting greens.

PG4000 is more luxury and provides the better surface

As you would expect… it costs more. 

PG Augusta is less expensive. Not quite the same but by no means a bad choice.

You can get a free quote for both of these turfs and see how the entire project fits into your budget.

How To Measure For Your Court

It’s easy to measure for a bocce ball court… it’s a rectangle.

As you would imagine…

  • Measure your length
  • Measure your width

Just multiple to get the square footage for your court. 

I would recommend you measure out three different sized courts

  • One would be your dream court size
  • One would be the manageable court size
  • Finally a minimum size

This way you can get a better range of quotes and you’ll find one that will be perfect for your backyard and budget.

Bocce ball court ProGreen installed.

Your Backyard Bocce Ball Court Is Not Just A Bocce Ball Court

With a professional setup and installation… you now have an area of your backyard that’s perfect for:

  • Kids to play
  • Dogs to run and roll around in
  • A great place to hang out in your barefeet with friends sipping a weekend cocktail.

The right turf can withstand the traffic from all of these and still look new.

Remember, your artificial turf bocce ball court is so much more than just a bocce ball court. 

It will add to the lifestyle of your home.

Want To Get Started With Your Own Artificial Turf Bocce Ball Court?

I thought you would after reading this. 

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Have fun with your own backyard bocce ball court. One that will last you 20 plus years.