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5 Ways You Can Integrate Turf into Your Commercial Building in Charlotte

Key Takeaways:

  • Commercial turf can transform traditional outdoor spaces, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • From splash pads for kids to indoor putting greens, there’s an innovative way to integrate synthetic grass into any commercial application.
  • Artificial grass solutions can reduce maintenance costs and offer a durable, long-lasting green space for businesses.
A patio with a table and chairs on a rooftop with artificial turf overlooking the city

Build an Office Park with Turf

In Charlotte, where urban expansion is on the rise, office parks are not just about the buildings. The spaces in between matter. By integrating commercial synthetic turf into these spaces, it provides a fresh, modern approach to urban design and landscaping.

Addressing the Green Space Challenge

Office parks in Charlotte, often face the challenge of limited green spaces. The inclusion of commercial synthetic turf provides a solution, providing areas for employees to relax, collaborate, or momentarily escape the confines of their workspace. These areas maintain their fresh appearance regardless of North Carolina’s unpredictable weather, eliminating concerns about muddy patches or dried out grass.

Making a Lasting Impression

For visitors or prospective clients, an office park with synthetic turf speaks volumes about a company’s values. It indicates a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing innovation, employee well-being, and environmental responsibility. In the competitive business landscape of Charlotte, these touches can significantly influence first impressions.

EO Artificial Ivy Wall

Install Turf on the Walls

Gone are the days when office spaces were characterized by sterile white walls and standard decor. As businesses in Charlotte aim to create vibrant environments, the innovative trend of turf on walls is rapidly gaining traction.

A Solution to Open-Plan Acoustics

Modern open-plan offices come with their own set of challenges, the main one being noise distractions. Turf walls offer a potential solution, helping to dampen ambient sounds and fostering a calm, concentration-friendly workspace.

Redefining Wall Aesthetics

From a design standpoint, turf walls are a game changer. They introduce texture and depth, offering a different look than conventional paint or wallpapers. The contrast of the lush green turf against materials like wood or metal really makes the office’s aesthetics pop!

splash pad

Have Splash Pads for Kids

The integration of splash pads into commercial environments like shopping centers and outdoor parks is now a strategic move for businesses in Charlotte. These spaces act as magnets for families to have a fun day playing and shopping.

The Advantage of Synthetic Turf in Splash Pads

Central to the appeal of these splash pads is synthetic turf. Turf truly shines over real grass during the sweltering Charlotte summers. Synthetic turf provides a noticeably cooler surface, making sure kids can play comfortably even on the hottest of days

Economic and Maintenance Benefits

A main benefit of synthetic grass is the ability to set it and forget it! You won’t have to worry about the constant maintenance that real grass would bring. Saving you time and money that you can spend on your business.

Embracing the Pet-Friendly Movement

The corporate landscape is changing, with an increasing number of businesses opening their doors to pets. As this trend gains momentum, the demand for dedicated pet areas within commercial spaces is high. These areas not only improve the overall business environment but also underscore a company’s commitment to inclusivity and employee well-being.

Why Artificial Turf is the Go-To Choice

At the heart of these pet-friendly spaces is artificial turf. Its qualities make it the preferred choice for pet areas. Easy to clean and maintain, it provides a quality surface for pets to play around. Its durability also stands up to the wear and tear of playful paws, remaining vibrant and fresh over time.

A Worry-Free Investment for Business Owners

For business owners, integrating pet areas is not just about catering to the pet-friendly trend, it’s also about practicality. The lasting nature of commercial turf helps these areas remain functional and aesthetically pleasing without the recurrent concerns of maintenance. Unlike real grass, which can get worn out and patchy, artificial turf retains its integrity, allowing businesses to offer this perk without the stress of constant upkeep.

commercial artificial turf putting green

Install an Indoor Putting Green for Employees

In the fast-paced corporate scene of Charlotte, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. Offering unique recreational benefits like an indoor putting green is becoming a popular method to achieve this. Here’s why:

Benefits of an Indoor Putting Green for Employees

  • Stress Relief: A quick game or practice session allows employees to take a mental break, helping them return to their tasks refreshed.
  • Team Bonding: An indoor putting green becomes a communal space where coworkers can challenge each other, collaborate, and build stronger team dynamics.
  • Inclusivity: Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. This inclusivity allows everyone, regardless of their experience with the sport, can participate and enjoy.
  • Health and Wellness: While golf isn’t an intense physical exercise, the movements associated with putting can help employees stretch their muscles, and improve concentration.


Incorporating commercial turf into your commercial building in Charlotte is more than just a landscaping decision, it’s an investment in the future of your business. From boosting aesthetics to providing functional, low-maintenance spaces for a wide range of activities, the benefits of synthetic turf are clear. As the trend of integrating artificial grass into commercial applications grows, now is the perfect time to transform your space and make a lasting impression on your employees and clients!

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