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artificial turf for dogs

ProGreen installs the highest quality artificial turf for dogs. ProGreen has been innovating and improving our synthetic dog turf since 1987. Our pet turf features low pile heights and an innovative backing that makes waste cleanup easy. This turf can also handle immense amounts of traffic and play from your four-legged friends, providing peace of mind that your turf investment will stand the test of time.

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If you’re at your wit’s end dealing with your dog’s yard-related havoc, installing artificial pet turf can restore your peace of mind. Whether you have one dog or multiple, regardless of their size, ProGreen’s artificial turf for dogs is designed to withstand the wear and tear from paws and claws. What’s more, our synthetic turf eliminates the headaches caused by mud and puddles. We understand the frustration of dealing with muddy paw prints indoors after rain, which is why we’ve engineered our synthetic dog turf to solve this problem and keep your home clean and mud-free.

proflow artificial turf

pet turf drainage

When selecting artificial turf for dogs, one of the most crucial considerations is its drainage capability. Efficient drainage is key to preventing mud and puddles in your yard and also plays a vital role in managing odors caused by pet urine.

Many turfs available on the market have perforated backings, where liquids like urine must find drainage holes to pass through. Unfortunately, this setup often results in liquid pooling between these holes, leading to unpleasant odors. Additionally, the infill used to stabilize the turf can accumulate and block these drainage holes, causing further issues like puddling.

At ProGreen, all our canine turf products feature our innovative ProFlow technology with a non-perforated backing. This advancement increases drainage capacity by over 100%, allowing pet urine to drain through any point of the turf. With ProFlow, urine doesn’t need to locate specific holes to drain—it simply flows through the backing. Furthermore, the absence of drainage holes eliminates the risk of infill clogging, ensuring optimal drainage performance throughout the turf.

quality is key

At ProGreen, we pride ourselves on providing pet-friendly synthetic turf solutions. All our turf products are not only certified lead-free and free from PFAs (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) but also designed to be soft and gentle on your beloved pets’ paws.

Our lineup includes two exceptional low-pile height artificial turf options specifically designed for dogs: K9 Deluxe and K9 Champion. These premium products are ideal for various applications such as pet yards, dog runs, pet boarding facilities, vet offices, and more. Whether you’re creating a safe play area at home or enhancing a commercial pet space, our K9 Turf products offer unparalleled durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to cater to the needs of both pets and their owners. Discover why ProGreen’s K9 Turf is the trusted choice for pet-friendly artificial turf solutions.

Learn about turf maintenance with our Pet Turf Maintenance Guide.

artificial turf for pets

progreen dog turf in action

Renowned YouTube dog trainer Zak George turned to our top-tier K9 Champion turf during an energetic game of fetch with a lively canine companion. Witnessing our artificial grass for dogs in action is the ultimate testament to its unmatched performance. Not only did our turf effortlessly endure Goose’s vigorous paw movements, but it also impressed Zak with its unparalleled softness, ranking among the finest synthetic grass products he’s ever encountered. Moreover, Zak provides a firsthand demonstration of the remarkable drainage capabilities offered by our ProFlow backing.

Pet turf Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity and performance of your artificial lawn, appropriate maintenance and care are required. While synthetic turf requires less upkeep than natural grass, it is still important to perform regular cleaning and periodic check-ups to keep your yard in optimal condition.

Some maintenance tasks, such as brushing the fibers and adding more infill after 2-4 years, can help preserve the condition of your pet turf and prolong its lifespan. By following the recommended maintenance practices, you can enjoy your artificial lawn for years to come.

Water down the area

Keep your artificial grass clean and fresh by regularly watering it. The frequency of watering depends on the size of the area, number of dogs using it, and their frequency of usage. In general, we recommend watering your pet turf 1-2 times a week. This ensures proper drainage and prevents urine from causing unpleasant odors. If you’re uncertain, it’s better to water the turf quickly once a day. Don’t let urine sit for too long on the surface to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.

pick up waste quickly

It’s important to clean up any pet waste promptly to avoid potential damage. If waste is left on the turf, it will dry and become stuck to the turf fibers. If the waste dries on the turf, it makes it increasingly more difficult to remove and could potentially damage the turf if you try to remove later. To prevent this, it is best practice to pick up waste as soon as possible and rinse the area with water.

brush the fibers

In addition to regular cleaning, it is important to perform periodic brooming and check-ups on your artificial lawn. With regular use by pets, the turf fibers tend to lay flat after a period of time. We recommend brushing your turf with a soft-bristle push broom once a year. While brooming, inspect the seams, edges, and infill levels of the turf to identify any potential issues.   

By performing regular checks and repairs, you can ensure that your artificial yard remains in top condition for years to come.

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