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ProGreen Synthetic Grass was founded in 1987 from a love of golf. Over the past 30 years, our company has grown to offer artificial grass for multiple applications, including lawns, dogs, putting greens, tee lines, playgrounds, pool surrounds, and more. While our product line has grown, we still hold true to the original values on which this company was made and continue to be the industry leader for artificial turf.

ProGreen is one of the only artificial turf companies in North America producing 100% of our own products in our own manufacturing facilities. We also utilize cutting-edge polymers from top tier suppliers. From resin pellet to the finished synthetic grass, we provide the best economies of scale, quality assurance, logistics and turnaround times.

ProGreen has two North American, ISO 9001-certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Dadeville, Alabama and in Chatsworth, Georgia. The Dadeville facility extrudes the yarns that become the grass fibers, while the Chatsworth facility houses the tufting and coating operations. Both of our facilities have provided yarn and finished turf products for over 1,500 fields and countless synthetic lawns around the world. We are the only synthetic grass company in the USA that handles everything from raw materials all the way through installation. Additionally, we are proud to have the largest global synthetic grass dealer network in the industry.

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