Why Artificial Turf…and Why Now?

The non-sports, landscaping vertical is the fastest growing segment of the artificial turf industry, and for good reason! Synthetic turf offers enticing benefits to homeowners that natural grass can’t complete with: it drastically decreases maintenance, reduces water consumption, eliminates the need for pesticides, is pet friendly, and always stays green.

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One of the main benefits of becoming a ProGreen dealer is that we will keep your sales pipeline full through digital and traditional marketing support.

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Benefits of Becoming a ProGreen Dealer

History of Success: in business since 1987
100% American Made Turf: produced in our Georgia and Alabama facilities with American investment and employees
Competitively Priced: direct from manufacturer pricing
Quality: ISO-9001 certified finishing and certified lead free
Support: ProGreen brand, lead generation, local website/social media, marketing collateral, sales & install training
Innovative Products: access to high impact products, including ProGreen Cool with organic infill for grass-like temperatures, even in extreme heat; and ProFlow (patent pending) fully drainable urethane backing
Warranty: best in class warranty and a long history of reliability