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100% Made in the USA from Start to Finish

At ProGreen, the term “Made in the USA” genuinely means that all of our artificial turf products are 100% manufactured in our USA-based facilities. Artificial grass is produced in two phases: yarn extrusion and tufting. The yarn extrusion is the process of creating the fibers, while tufting is securing these fibers to the backing. Many synthetic grass companies tuft their products in America but will purchase the yarn from overseas. We believe in keeping our entire process in the United States.

As for the other artificial grass companies that do offer products made in the USA, only a select few can say that their products are made in-house. ProGreen has two manufacturing facilities in Dadeville, Alabama and Chatsworth, Georgia. As a customer, you benefit from our proprietary production process and experience the best tuft bind in the industry.

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America’s Turf for American Homes

“With all the recent heavy metals and poor-quality synthetic turf found from overseas manufacturers, you can trust that ProGreen International synthetic grass is made to the highest standards. Plus, you’re supporting the US economy by purchasing USA-made products. There are a number of reasons why now it’s more important than ever to buy synthetic grass made in our country. It’s tough to discern which products are made in the USA, but you personally have my promise: All of our synthetic turf products are 100% guaranteed to be produced in the USA.”
– Steve Walker, Founder of ProGreen International