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Did you know that falls are the most common cause of nonfatal injuries for kids ages 0-19? We understand that safety is a top priority when it comes to installing playgrounds and it’s vital that your playground turf material reduces the likelihood of these kinds of injuries. All ProGreen playground turf systems meet or exceed the ASTM fall height requirements.

In addition to fall height safety features, ProGreen playground turf is soft, non-abrasive material that will also reduce the number of scrapes and skinned knees.

Read about why our Optimum Play DF turf is a great choice for playgrounds.

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What is included in a ProGreen playground artificial turf system?

Like all of our turf installations, playgrounds require a compacted base, ProGreen artificial grass and infill. However, synthetic turf installations for playgrounds require one extra component that is not necessary for our other turf products – a foam pad placed beneath the turf to provide added safety. These foam pads are available in one to two inches thick; the size needed is entirely dependent on the height of your play structures. If you have any questions about the fall height requirements of your playground equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our representatives would be happy to help determine the foam pad required for your structure.

ProGreen is a proud IPEMA member.

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ProGreen Playground Turf

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Optimum Play DF


Our IPEMA certified playground product that is perfect for any playground turf application – from early childhood education centers to parks and recreation.

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65 oz. per sq yd*