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6 Small Backyard Turf Ideas for People in Orlando

Looking for ideas to add to your backyard? Whether you’re in downtown Orlando or a quiet suburb, ProGreen has you covered! We can help you choose the perfect grass that thrives in Florida’s climate to design a maintenance-friendly and visually appealing landscape.

Let’s look at six innovative ways to use artificial turf to create a multi-functional and inviting space for you and your guests.

Key Takeaways

  • Versatility: You will be surprised by how much turf can add to your backyard!
  • Functionality: Turf is made to fit specific needs like play, relaxation, or sports.
  • Sustainability: Synthetic turf is eco-friendly and requires low maintenance compared to real grass.
pet turf

Create a Mini Dog Park in Your Backyard

Convert a section of your yard into a delightful miniature dog park. ProGreen’s synthetic grass is pet-friendly and easy to clean, making it a perfect choice for pet owners. This idea not only provides a dedicated space for your furry friends to play but also keeps your lawn looking lush year-round.

A Dedicated Space for Pets

Turn a portion of your backyard into a miniature dog park, a special retreat, if you will, for your pets! This area can be customized with dog-friendly features like agility equipment or comfortable resting spots. It’s a wonderful way to provide your pets with a stimulating and safe environment in which they can play and relax without damaging anything.

Pet-Friendly and Easy Maintenance

Opt for ProGreen’s synthetic grass, which is known for its durability and ease of maintenance. This grass is designed to withstand playful (sometimes overly so) pets. It is an ideal surface that’s gentle on their paws and easy to clean. As a cherry on top, it stays fresh and hygienic!

Lush Lawn All Year Round

Using ProGreen’s synthetic grass for your mini dog park means you can enjoy a beautiful, green lawn regardless of the season. It’s designed to resist wear and tear. And unlike natural grass, it doesn’t develop bare spots or mud patches. Instead, your yard remains visually pleasing and functional throughout the entire year.

A child playing in the backyard on artificial grass

Create a Kid-Safe Play Area

Give a section of your backyard a magical makeover by turning it into a haven for children with ProGreen’s kid-friendly synthetic turf. This artificial grass is uniquely suited for young ones who you want to keep safe (and from whom you want to keep your lawn safe).

Synthetic turf provides a soft, cushioned surface that’s ideal for various kids’ activities, providing a safe environment from the usual outdoor hazards. Here are some ideas to make the most of this space:

  • Soft Landing for Play Equipment: Install synthetic turf under swings, slides, and climbing frames to provide a safer landing zone should your kids happen to fall. 
  • Sensory Play Areas: Use different textures and colors of turf to create a sensory play area. Doing so is a great way to stimulate their young minds and encourage creative play.
  • Sports Practice Zone: Set up a mini soccer field or other sports areas. It’ll be a perfect space for kids to practice and enjoy sports.

Use ProGreen’s artificial grass so that your child’s play area remains a clean, safe, and vibrant space for all kinds of fun and games. Your backyard will become a favorite spot for the little ones.

artificial grass putting green orlando

Add a Custom Backyard Putting Green

Golf enthusiasts can bring their passion home with a custom backyard putting green. ProGreen’s synthetic turf can be tailored just for golfing. ProGreen offers a realistic and maintenance-free green that will simulate the kind of play you’d get on the courses. This idea adds a unique and entertaining element to your outdoor space.

Tailored for Golfing Enthusiasts

Golf enthusiasts in Orlando can practice their puts at home with a customized putting green in their own backyard. You can tailor ProGreen’s synthetic turf to your golfing needs. You will get a realistic and maintenance-free putting green that will likely make some of your neighbors a little green with jealousy. Save on gas and fees with your own personal green!

Custom Design for Personalized Experience

Each putting green is custom-designed to provide the perfect fit for your backyard’s unique contours and dimensions. Regardless of whether you seek a simple green or a more complex one with slopes and bunkers, ProGreen can tailor the installation to your preferences.

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful green without the usual upkeep. ProGreen’s synthetic turf requires no watering, mowing, or fertilizing. It’s the ideal choice for a hassle-free golfing experience right in your backyard.

Install Around Your Pool

You can also enhance your pool area with ProGreen’s artificial grass. Artificial turf can significantly elevate both the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. The turf’s ability to handle wet conditions and heavy foot traffic makes it an ideal choice for pool surrounds. It maintains a lush, green appearance and creates a refreshing oasis-like feel around your pool.

The synthetic grass is designed to provide a non-slip surface, increasing safety for wet feet. And luckily, it’s also resistant to chlorine and other pool chemicals. The grass retains its vibrant color and texture despite frequent exposure to pool water. Artificial grass around the pool eliminates common issues associated with natural lawns as well, such as muddy patches and grass clippings in the water. Really, it makes poolside maintenance much easier.

In addition to its practical benefits, installing artificial grass around your pool can aesthetically transform the area. It brings a touch of nature to your poolside. You can blend it in with other landscaping elements and create a serene and inviting environment for relaxation and entertainment.

Modernize Your Outdoor Living Space

Renovate your outdoor living area into a contemporary and stylish retreat with ProGreen’s artificial grass. This synthetic turf lends a fresh, vibrant look to any area and seamlessly integrates with various other outdoor elements.

It’s a perfect way to create a low-maintenance yet luxurious outdoor setting. Here are some innovative ideas to modernize your space:

  • Seamless Integration with Patio and Decking: Blend artificial turf with existing concrete pavers, stone patios, or wooden decks for a cohesive and modern look.
  • Create Defined Seating Areas: Use the turf to outline distinct seating or dining areas, adding structure and elegance to your backyard.
  • Incorporate Fire Pits or Water Features: Pairing synthetic grass with fire pits or water features creates a stunning focal point and adds an element of sophistication.
  • Add LED Lighting: Embedding LED lights within the turf (yes, you can do that!) can transform your space into a vibrant evening retreat, perfect for entertaining.
  • Lush Green Pathways: Design pathways through your garden or yard using artificial grass for a neat, visually appealing effect.
artificial turf cornhole

Add a Cornhole Court

One more fun idea is to incorporate a cornhole court in your backyard! It’s an excellent way to enhance the fun and social vibe of your backyard. This simple game, beloved by people of all ages all around the world, can become the centerpiece of family gatherings, barbecues, and social events.

ProGreen’s synthetic turf provides the ideal foundation for your cornhole court. Its even and durable surface ensures a consistent play area. It prevents the bags from veering off course due to uneven ground or unpredictable elements found in natural grass. Additionally, the turf’s resilience means it can withstand the frequent foot traffic and impact from the game without showing wear and tear.

The aesthetic appeal of a cornhole court on synthetic turf can’t be overstated. It adds a structured yet playful element to your backyard landscape. Family members and guests can engage in light-hearted competition all day. You can also customize the size of the court to fit your backyard so that it complements the space without overwhelming it.


With these innovative small backyard turf ideas, you can transform your Orlando home’s outdoors into a functional and beautiful area. ProGreen Synthetic Turf provides high-quality, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance solutions. It’s easier than ever to enjoy your backyard to the fullest.

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