Artificial Turf Takes Center Court at the New Pickle Bar in Charleston

About The Pickle Bar

Step into a world where the thrill of pickleball meets the comfort of a vibrant artificial turf lounge – welcome to The Pickle Bar in Charleston! This newly opened haven seamlessly combines southern-inspired dining, refreshing drinks, and the thrill of pickleball. This new pickleball destination features both indoor and outdoor areas to unwind, eat, and play. With 9 outdoor courts and a synthetic turf game yard with a stage, The Pickle Bar is rewriting the rules of recreational sports and entertainment.

the pickle bar artificial turf

The Vision

At the heart of The Pickle Bar’s innovative design is a commitment to providing a pickleball experience like no other. The vision was clear – create a space that not only accommodates intense gameplay but also offers a relaxing and visually appealing area for socializing, unwinding, and embracing the unique fellowship of pickleball culture. The dream became a reality with the help of our ProGreen Charleston team!

Design and Aesthetics

The artificial turf lounge area at The Pickle Bar boasts a meticulous design, seamlessly blending with the energetic atmosphere of the pickleball bar. The vibrant green turf complements the lively spirit of the sport, creating a cohesive and visually stunning environment. Positioned strategically outside the restaurant with optimal views of the pickleball courts, the lounge area ensures players and spectators stay connected with the action while enjoying the comfort of the turf.

Comfort and Accessibility

Prioritizing comfort and accessibility, The Pickle Bar’s synthetic grass area features chairs, tables, and cornhole boards strategically placed on the turf. These create cozy pockets for socializing, fun, and relaxation. The turf hangout space is easily accessible from the courts, allowing players to seamlessly transition from intense gameplay to laid-back leisure. Plus, our artificial turf is great for dogs, so bring along your furry friends for the ultimate pickleball experience!


The artificial turf lounge area is a dynamic space catering to various preferences. Whether unwinding after a challenging match, playing cornhole with friends, enjoying a refreshing beverage, or watching a live performance on the stage, The Pickle Bar caters to all. The turf surface, designed to withstand the demands of all-weather, ensures year-round enjoyment.

artificial grass pickle ball

Community Engagement

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the artificial grass lounge is a hub for community engagement at The Pickle Bar. Social events, themed nights, and tournaments will bring players and enthusiasts together, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. The lounge area becomes a meeting point, building lasting connections among pickleball enthusiasts.

pickleball court


The Pickle Bar goes beyond the conventional confines of a typical pickleball court or restaurant; it stands as a lifestyle destination where the synergy of sport, dining, and socializing creates a seamless blend. We are thrilled with how this artificial grass installation turned out. We eagerly anticipate the Charleston community to come together in this exciting new era of pickleball experiences!

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