The Best Artificial Grass Drainage in the Industry

In an industry as competitive as artificial grass, it is easy to question what makes one product better than another. In short, why choose ProGreen over the other players in the market? Well, we could go over the many, many characteristics that make ProGreen the best option for artificial grass, but today we are going to focus on just one – ProFlow Technology. ProGreen is the only source for our patent-pending ProFlow technology that eliminates the need for perforated holes for drainage.

Why Does Turf Drainage Matter?

Typically speaking, water flows through synthetic grass through holes that have been punctured into the back of the turf (perforations). The more holes, the better the drainage. However, these holes come with a set of potential problems. First, the artificial grass installation process requires the use of infill. The infill acts as a ballast to help secure the turf and keep the fibers upright. For most residential applications, sand is used as the infill product. As time progresses, these small grains of sand can work their way into the holes and clog them. Thus, as your artificial grass lawn ages, the drainage efficiency decreases, and you end up losing some of the benefits that enticed you to invest in synthetic turf in the first place. This is definitely not an ideal situation.

Another reason to avoid perforated turf is for the fact that weeds can grow through the holes. It may sound unlikely, but weeds are actually a common problem with turf, especially if your installer skips the weed barrier during the installation process. While these weeds can be easy to treat (just spot treat with a weed killer), it also takes away from the benefits of synthetic grass. Weeds and harsh chemicals are supposed to be a thing of the past when you get an artificial lawn.

Not to mention, holes in the backing of the turf also means less stability and durability. Can you think of anything that maintains its integrity after being punctured repeatedly?

ProGreen’s ProFlow Technology not only eliminates these holes, but actually increases drainage efficiency. And, this aggressive drainage remains consistent throughout the life of the turf. How is it possible for water to drain without the holes? Well, that is part of the patent-pending technology, but here is a video to illustrate how well it works:

Water draining through ProFlow backing