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How does ProGreen Synthetic Grass affect the environment?

ProGreen artificial grass is a green product in more ways than one, and it even earns LEED credits for your home or building. When making an investment in a big home improvement project like the installation synthetic turf, you no doubt have many questions/concerns about whether or not it is the right decision for you. However, the impact that artificial turf has on the environment should not be one of them. At ProGreen, we strive to make the earth cleaner and healthier every chance we get, and by investing in our artificial turf, you will be, too.

  • No More Mowing, which reduces emissions and groundwater contamination from gas spills
  • No More Watering, helping to conserve water
  • No More Caustic Fertilizers or Chemical, which also reduces groundwater contamination and pollution

ProGreen Synthetic Grass also eliminates the need for gas powered mowers, trimmers and aerators. By installing ProGreen Synthetic Grass overall dependence on oil is reduced and our watersheds are spared from accidental fuel spills while trying to fill up our lawn mowers and trimmers. Additionally, ProGreen Synthetic Grass doesn’t require fertilizers or toxic anti-weed chemicals which can be harmful to our environment.
If you ever have any questions about the green properties of artificial turf, please do not hesitate to contact us.