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Is synthetic grass warmer than my natural lawn?

Yes, artificial grass does get hot in direct sunlight, but, unlike asphalt and concrete, artificial grass does not hold the heat, and, so, it cools down very quickly. On really hot days, take these precautions:

  • We recommend having at least one portion of your lawn area shaded for instant relief. If the temperature gets hot, it’s always nice to have a little relief area until it cools down again.
  • You can spray the synthetic grass with water right before you walk or play on your synthetic grass.
  • Wear shoes or some type of footwear.
  • Use a light color of approved silica sand or other infill that is light in color.

Many people find that the extra heat doesn’t bother them as long as they keep moving. But, even if these precautions are not exercised, hot weather has not kept people or pets off of synthetic grass.

We have thousands of installations nationwide; including the Arizona desert. Complaints about surface temperature are extremely rare, but we understand people have different sensitivity levels. We want our customers to be aware, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your lawn for years to come…even on hot days!