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Why waste time commuting to and from the golf course when you can practice golf from the comfort of your own home? Our putting green turf can be customized to meet your golfing needs. Its adjustable features mean you can change the layout so it is best suited to your current golf goals.

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Practice anytime you want

When you install a putting green at your home you can work on your short game any day or night.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Installing artificial grass provides a low-maintenance lifestyle with cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits that will last for years.

Proper maintenance

Regular cleaning and proper infill maintenance are essential to maintain the appearance of your synthetic turf lawn.

Why artificial grass makes sense for putting greens in Orlando, FL

Orlando is known as a golfing community, but the hot, sunny climate means grass can dry out quickly. It can also be difficult to get out to the golf course in hot temperatures.
An artificial putting green will stay green year-round. You can install it in a nice, shady spot and go inside to enjoy the air conditioning when you get too hot. And let’s not forget about convenient features like customization and adjustability.

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Orlando golfers will love having a putting green that allows them to practice their golf skills at home. But you first have to think about design. The right design will ensure a smooth golfing experience every time.

The first thing to consider is space. You must place the turf in a space that is large enough to golf in.

You should also think about how challenging you want your course to be. You may choose to place your green on slanting surfaces for increased difficulty or a smooth surface to advance your skills.

ProGreen will work with you to find the ideal design for your putting green turf. We will ensure it is as challenging or easy as you wish. Our adjustable features will let you change things up as you go.

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Key Features of High-Quality Artificial Turf

An artificial putting green will help you enjoy golf at home. But you must consider key features to ensure a great golfing experience. Durability is essential. Turf that’s golfed on often can wear out quickly. ProGreen offers products and skills that ensure your turf withstands the test of time. Drainage is another consideration. Without proper drainage, your turf may get flooded due to precipitation. Grass that’s about .5 inches will allow water to drain. Finally, consider the infill which is placed in between the blades of grass. The type of infill can improve or hinder the ball rolling experience. ProGreen will ensure your putting green turf has all the necessary features. We offer durability, drainage, and infills that allow golf balls to run smoothly. Contact us to learn how we can provide an optimal at-home golf experience.

Customization Options

Your putting green can be customized to suit your needs. Choose the arrangement of the holes to determine the level of difficulty. You may also arrange your green to slope so you can further challenge yourself.

Customization also comes into play in the aesthetics you use to decorate around the course. Incorporate landscaping elements like plants, trees, rocks, and fountains to make your experience more aesthetically pleasing. ProGreen offers consulting services that will help you get the very most out of your putting green.

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Best Products In florida

ProGreen is a top choice for putting green turf thanks to our high-quality products. Our turf grass is durable enough to withstand years of golfing fun. Our landscaping is customizable to suit your golfing needs while also providing your home with a pleasant aesthetic.

Like all ProGreen products, our putting green turf is safe for the environment and recyclable. It will eliminate the need for mowing and watering. It is a money-saving, eco-friendly option.

Maintenance and Care of Your Artificial Putting Green

To ensure the longevity and performance of your artificial putting green, appropriate maintenance and care are required. While synthetic turf requires less upkeep than natural grass, it is still important to perform regular cleaning and periodic check-ups to keep your putting green in optimal condition.

Some maintenance tasks, such as loosening up the infill layer after 2-4 years, can help preserve the condition of your putting green and prolong its lifespan. By following the recommended maintenance practices, you can enjoy your artificial putting green for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your artificial putting green involves removing debris, such as leaves, twigs, and other assorted items, that can accumulate on the surface. A leaf blower or power broom can be used to effectively remove debris and maintain a clean and smooth putting surface.

In addition to removing debris, it is also important to brush the turf on a monthly basis to keep the grass blades upright and maintain the proper infill levels. Regular brushing helps to ensure a consistent and enjoyable golf experience, as well as prolonging the life of your artificial putting green.

Periodic Check-ups and Repairs

In addition to regular cleaning, it is important to perform periodic check-ups and repairs on your artificial putting green surfaces. At least once a year, inspect the seams, edges, and infill levels of your putting green to identify any potential issues that may require attention.

If any issues are identified during these inspections, it is essential to address them promptly to prevent further damage and maintain the performance and appearance of your putting green. By performing regular checks and repairs, you can ensure that your artificial putting green remains in top condition for years to come.


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A putting green will provide you with ongoing entertainment. You won’t have to drive out to the golf course to enjoy a game. You can golf any time without leaving your home.

ProGreen is an obvious choice for turf grass installation. We are backed by 24+ years of serving our community. We offer prompt, reliable, and courteous service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a great putting green, look for artificial turf with a low pile height and nylon fibers. Opt for a face weight of 40 – 60 oz per yard for durability and feel, and ensure the turf is filled with silica sand for a true roll.

You can use synthetic turf for a putting green, as many PGA pros endorse its use. Synthetic grass offers a smooth and consistent surface that is also durable, low maintenance, and always ready to play.

Plus, with artificial turf, you can build your own backyard putting green without the hassle of routine maintenance.

Turf is generally a better choice for putting greens than natural grass, as it requires much less maintenance and installation is significantly easier. It also lasts longer, requires no wait for growth, and won’t discolor if pets urinate or mess on it.

Putting green turf is a low pile artificial grass designed to accurately roll golf balls, made from durable synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene.

In comparison, standard artificial grass has a higher pile, creating a thicker texture that is not suitable for golfing.

The cost of an artificial putting green varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the design, but typically ranges from $4 to over $40 per square foot.

For a medium-sized 200 square foot putting green, most homeowners will spend between $1,800 and $4,300, whereas larger 500 square foot greens can run upwards of $9,000. It’s best to contact us for a personalized quote to meet your specific needs.