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Carrie Riestenberg
Carrie Riestenberg
Bryan and his team were excellent, flexible, on-time and on-schedule. They did amazing work and made our backyard a more enjoyable place.
Rob and his team did a great job completing my backyard project. From the prompt estimate to the timely completion of the job, everything went great. Rob was always available to answer questions and the installers were very professional. I met with three other companies and I chose ProGreen and am happy I did.
Lawson Driskill
Lawson Driskill
10/10 experience with Bryan and the ProGreen Charleston team. They went above and beyond what I expected, they are competitively priced, and very efficient. I called them on a Saturday and they had a full team in my back yard by Tuesday, completing the job in one day. They even fixed my fence that was broken and not closing properly, free of charge. It's a great group of guys they have on this team. Finished yard looks incredible. Major transformation. I highly recommend using ProGreen Charleston for any turf needs.
Wade Bryant
Wade Bryant
Just had the Pro Green Charleston guys at the house this week installing turf and we couldn’t be happier! We called on a Thursday to let them know we were ready to move forward and they had the crew at our house on Monday. The crew was on time, friendly, and fast. Had the entire job done in two days. The end result is fantastic! They even attached turf to the top of my sprinkler control valve lid so it is hidden but still accessible…that was above and beyond!! I highly recommend Pro Green!!
tyler staal
tyler staal
ProGreen completed my installation this past week and it is wonderful. We are very happy with the backyard and the quality of installation. Bryan has fair pricing and is very quick to respond both with detailed questions about the process and getting me on his schedule. His installation team, led by Wes, are fantastic; on schedule; and great communicators.
Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Shaw
3 months ago I had Bryan and his team install artificial turf in my backyard they did an excellent job looks great , Thankyou ProGreen , will send another review after 1 year.
Kathy Sanders
Kathy Sanders
ProGreen just finished turf in my backyard and around my pool. From start to finish, they were very professional, helpful, and efficient. Rob came out and explained how the process would work, brought samples, and scheduled quickly. The crew was also very good, cleaning up each day before they left. Follow up after the job was completed was awesome also! Highly recommend ProGreen for your turf needs.
Brett Rashtchian
Brett Rashtchian
I used ProGreen in February 2023 for a project around my pool. I did plenty of research before settling on ProGreen and this was a fantastic choice. The whole team was very knowledgeable, helpful and respectful of the property/job site. Their product choices are incredibly realistic, and they have a wide variety of choices to fit different project types and needs. The final product was better than I hoped for, and I felt the price well worth the result. I cannot recommend Bryan and team enough.
Chris Keck
Chris Keck
Progreen charleston did a fantastic job with my backyard turf. These guys are absolutely amazing from the beginning stages of getting a quote and information from Bryan to the final finishing touches to make my backyard grass look as perfect and realistic as possible. I really had no idea how much work goes into putting in turf. These guys all work extremely hard and can tell they take pride in what they do. We used to have flooding issues after every bad storm and the new turf just withstood the last hurricane that came through. Extremely impressed. Thanks Progreen! 👏
Douglas Beachum
Douglas Beachum
excellent service and a great job highly recommended. after they finished we had heavy rains and some of the product washed though not progreens fault. sent Brian a couple of pictures and asked for advice. this was 630pm he called me within 5 minutes. told him what was going on, he said they would send Wes out to look at it. 7am wes and his team were here, they cleaned the pool and got mulch back were it went even though this was not their fault...Great team Brian,Wes and rest of team. Great job. excellent service! Highly recommend!

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Golf is a relaxing sport. But the stress of driving to the golf course can dampen your game. Well, now, you can put stressful commutes behind you. ProGreen Turf provides and installs putting greens that allow you to perfect the game right in your backyard—our 24+ years in the business guarantee high-quality installation and long-lasting results.

Practice when it’s convenient for you

When you have a putting green in your home, you can practice any time you want.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Our low-maintenance putting greens reduce the need for watering, mowing, and fertilizing.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our quality materials ensure your putting green will withstand the test of time.

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Why Artificial Grass is the Best Choice for Your North Carolina Putting Green

Our synthetic turf is made from nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. These materials are extremely durable and a low-maintenance option. They eliminate the need for mowing, fertilizing, and watering and have a terrific natural look.

When you think about making putting green material choices, artificial grass makes sense.

Design a Customized Putting Green in Your Backyard

An artificial green allows you to customize a putting green that’s perfect for your backyard. ProGreen Turf will help you every step of the way.

We will consider factors like space and difficulty levels. We will ensure your golf course is suited to your skill levels. We will provide adjustable features that allow you to change your practice as you improve.

We will let you customize features like layouts, slopes, and turf type. We will work with you to develop a putting green that will keep you challenged.

What to Look for in an Artificial Turf Product

Here are some key features to consider when selecting an artificial turf that’s right for you.

  • Durability: Choose a putting green made with high-quality materials that will endure for all time!
  • Realistic Look: A realistic aesthetic is important to homeowners. A lawn with various yarn colors on the turf will look more realistic. It will also help the ball roll more smoothly over the surface.
  • Adequate Drainage: Adequate drainage ensures your turf won’t puddle or flood after a heavy rainfall. A pile height of .5” will ensure adequate drainage.
  • Infill Materials: The type of infill used will affect a ball’s velocity as it rolls across the green. It typically increases the ball’s speed, simulating a more realistic golfing experience.

ProGreen Turf’s putting green products are durable. They are made of high-quality materials that look realistic and provide an ideal golfing experience. They won’t flood or puddle.

Contact us today for the artificial turf you’ve always dreamed of.

Customization Options

We can help you customize a putting green perfect for your home. We will consult with you to determine your preferred hole layouts and slopes. We can incorporate landscaping elements like trees, ponds, and rocks.

The result will be a putting green that’s attractive and challenges your skills. You will never get bored with your golfing experience. We will transform your backyard into a golfer’s fantasy.

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Best Artificial Turf in North Carolina

Pro Green Turf is a company you can count on. We provide high-quality green products that endure the test of time. They are low maintenance and realistic looking, and their customizable features will elevate your golf game.

Our products are also eco-friendly and can get you LEED credits. You can eliminate the need to water, mow, or fertilize. You will save money on energy and maintenance bills and benefit the environment.

Artificial Putting Green Maintenance and Care Tips

Synthetic turf does not require as much maintenance as traditional grass. However, some maintenance is required. Here are some recommended maintenance tips.

Regular Cleaning

Clean your turf regularly by removing debris with a leaf blower or broom. You should also brush the turf once a month to keep the blades upright and maintain the proper infill levels. Brushing will also provide an optimal golfing experience and prolong your turf’s lifespan.

Periodic Checkups

Check your artificial turf regularly and inspect it for signs of damage. Check out seams, edges, and infill levels for potential issues. If issues are identified, address them immediately. ProGreen Turf can assist you with maintenance and repairs.

Loosen up your infill layer every 2-4 years to prolong your putting green’s lifespan.

choose ProGreen for Your Next Putting Green Turf

An artificial putting green provides years of enjoyment and eliminates the need to travel out to the golf course. ProGreen Turf is the ideal artificial turf company thanks to our high-quality materials, customizable options, and optimal service. Contact us for a putting green product you can count on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a great putting green, look for artificial turf with a low pile height and nylon fibers. Opt for a face weight of 40 – 60 oz per yard for durability and feel, and ensure the turf is filled with silica sand for a true roll.

You can use synthetic turf for a putting green, as many PGA pros endorse its use. Synthetic grass offers a smooth and consistent surface that is also durable, low maintenance, and always ready to play.

Plus, with artificial turf, you can build your own backyard putting green without the hassle of routine maintenance.

Turf is generally a better choice for putting greens than natural grass, as it requires much less maintenance and installation is significantly easier. It also lasts longer, requires no wait for growth, and won’t discolor if pets urinate or mess on it.

Putting green turf is a low pile artificial grass designed to accurately roll golf balls, made from durable synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene.

In comparison, standard artificial grass has a higher pile, creating a thicker texture that is not suitable for golfing.

The cost of an artificial putting green varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the design, but typically ranges from $4 to over $40 per square foot.

For a medium-sized 200 square foot putting green, most homeowners will spend between $1,800 and $4,300, whereas larger 500 square foot greens can run upwards of $9,000. It’s best to contact us for a personalized quote to meet your specific needs.

Desirable artificial turf characteristics include low pile height, nylon fibers, and a face weight of 40-60 oz per yard. The turf should also be filled with silica sand to provide a true roll.

Yes, many PGAs endorse artificial turf. It’s a preferred choice thanks to its smooth, consistent surfaces and durable, low-maintenance properties. It can also be installed in backyards to eliminate the hassle of commuting to a golf course.

Artificial turf is a better material for putting greens because it requires less maintenance and is easy to maintain. It lasts longer, you don’t have to wait for it to grow, and it does not discolor if pets urinate on it.

Putting greens’ low pile design allows golf balls to roll across the surface accurately. They are made from durable materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon.

Artificial grass is a higher pile and would not allow a golf ball to roll across it smoothly.

The cost of an artificially putting green will vary depending on size and the design complexities. However, they generally range between $4 and $40 per square foot.

A medium-sized 200-square-foot putting green will generally range from $1800 to $4300. Larger putting greens can be $9000 or more. Contact us for a quote on a golfing green that is customized to meet your recreational needs.

Contact us for a free estimate on artificial grass for your home or business.