Weeds Growing in Artificial Grass: What Gives?

When it comes to weeds in artificial grass, what gives? A common myth about artificial turf is that there is no maintenance involved.

Does artificial turf result in less maintenance than natural grass? Yes. However, there are certain things in nature that we simply cannot control, weeds being one of them.

Can Weeds Grow Through Turf?

In short, no. Weeds do not grow through artificial turf. When weeds appear on artificial turf, you might think there was a flaw in the product and they grew from underneath. You might assume that the installers did not excavate well enough during the turf installation, resulting in weeds growing through the turf, but this is simply not the case.

When you see weed growth on turf, it is actually growing on the surface, not beneath. As weeds disperse their seeds through the air, they have the potential to land on synthetic grass if they exist in different areas of your lawn or a nearby lawn. When a weed’s seed falls on your fake grass, it will start growing in the sand infill on top.

How to Remove Weeds in Artificial Grass

If your artificial turf has weeds, you can easily get rid of them by dealing with them promptly. Since the weeds initially grow on top of the surface, you can easily remove by hand or spray down with a white vinegar or weed killer.

The longer you wait to remove the weeds, the harder they are to remove. Waiting too long to remove the weeds will also result in more weeds growing around the area. So it’s imperative to eliminate the weeds from your turf as soon as possible to prevent further weed growth.

closeup of artificial turf with proflow backing

Why the Turf Backing Matters

All types of artificial turf will still get weeds. But if weed pulling sounds a bit cumbersome, don’t worry, our ProFlow backing can buy you some time.

ProFlow does not have any perforations in the backing, unlike other turf products. This means it will be harder for the weeds to take root below the turf, therefore, easier to remove. We can’t guarantee to completely stop weed growth, but a strong, resistant backing can act as a barrier and control it.

An artificial turf backing that has perforations allows the weeds to take root easily beneath the turf. Once the weed is left to sit for too long, the weed will then be allowed to root deep below and start growing down into the ground through the perforations.

Regular maintenance is still necessary to keep your artificial turf in optimal condition. Periodically inspecting the surface for any signs of weed growth and promptly removing any unwanted vegetation can help prevent the spread of weeds and potential damage to the turf. In case you do encounter a stubborn weed that has managed to take root, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to safely and effectively remove it without causing harm to the artificial grass.

By investing in a high-quality artificial turf with a solid backing and implementing proper maintenance practices, you can enjoy a lush, weed-free lawn that requires minimal effort and provides long-lasting beauty for years to come. Say goodbye to the constant battle against weeds and hello to a low-maintenance, picture-perfect lawn that you can enjoy all year round.

Questions about weeds in artificial turf or other general inquiries? We’re here to help!