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Artificial Grass vs. PIP for Playground Surfacing

Which is better for playground surfacing: artificial grass or poured-in-place (PIP)? These are two incredibly popular options for playground surfacing, and it is important to know the benefits and disadvantages of both of them before you make the decision for your project.

PIP or Poured in Place

PIP surfacing is a mixture of rubber and resins that is hand trawled underneath and around the play structure. The rubber and resins provide a soft, somewhat bouncy surface that helps reduce the number of injuries related to falls. This is incredibly popular and used in playgrounds all across the country. The rubber mixture can be dyed a variety of colors to create a vibrant, fun playground atmosphere.


  • It requires little maintenance after installation
  • Maintains good impact attenuation at a variety of different temperatures


  • The material gets hot in the summer and hard in the winter
  • It shrinks over time
  • The color fades over time
  • It is expensive and difficult to repair

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for playground surfacing is a trend widely growing in popularity. Schools, governments, day cares and more are turning to synthetic turf for its low maintenance features and grass-like appearance. In order to provide the fall safety benefits necessary of a playground, a foam pad needs to be installed beneath the turf.


  • It requires little to no maintenance after installation
  • Maintains good impact attenuation at a variety of different temperatures
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Will not fade, shrink or lose its integrity in harsh weather conditions
  • Increases outdoor playtime by eliminating puddles and mud


  • The material can get hot in direct sunlight

As you can see, the benefits of artificial grass far outweigh the benefits of PIP, and there are significantly fewer disadvantages. ProGreen artificial grass for playgrounds is the ideal surfacing material, better than PIP and the other alternatives. Maintenance is minimal and inexpensive. It increases outdoor playtime by being eliminating mud and puddles. It is durable, repairable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. With so many benefits, there is no question as to why turf is growing in popularity for playground surfacing.

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