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Featured Installation: Backyard Artificial Turf Batting Cage

artificial turf batting cage
artificial turf batting cage
artificial turf batting cage

Do you have a passion for baseball or softball but don’t have an adequate space to practice? Are you tired of going to the local batting cages and paying exorbitant fees just to get a few swings in? A batting cage with ProGreen’s high-quality artificial turf can help improve your game and transform your backyard into a training ground fit for an all-star.

Perfect for any homeowner:

ProGreen’s artificial turf batting cage is an ideal addition to any backyard, no matter the size. Whether you have a large, sprawling lawn or a small urban yard, ProGreen can customize the artificial turf to fit your available space. Before you purchase your artificial turf, make sure you’re equipped to create a properly functioning batting cage. Some things to consider: the dimensions of your cage, the height and material of your net, and the type of pitching machine you’re using. Once you’ve got those details sorted, it’s time to select your turf. ProGreen offers a wide variety of artificial turf options for batting cages, all of which are durable and long-lasting.

Preparation and installation tips:

Installing your artificial turf is relatively straightforward, and may not require professional installation depending on the size of your batting cage. First, clear and level your surface. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a concrete slab (ideal for pitching machines) or a sand/gravel pit (for a more natural feel). Then, roll out your artificial turf, and trim any excess material with a carpet knife. Finally, secure the edges with stakes or adhesive. If DIY isn’t your thing, let us handle it!

Easy maintenance and great performance:

ProGreen’s artificial turf is ideal for batting cages, as it has excellent shock absorption properties and provides a consistent playing surface. With a range of pile heights, you can customize your batting cage to suit your personal preferences. Furthermore, artificial turf doesn’t require water or fertilizer, and won’t stain or fade from extensive use. Maintenance is easy – simply brush or blow off any debris, and occasionally rinse the surface clean.

Get out and play!

In addition to being ideal for batting cages, artificial turf can transform any outdoor space into a sports haven. From soccer fields to putting greens, ProGreen has the perfect artificial turf for all your recreational needs. With our low-maintenance, high-quality turf, you’ll have more time to do what you love – whether it’s playing sports or simply enjoying your backyard.

backyard artificial turf putting green
backyard artificial turf soccer field

Looking to create a professional-grade batting cage in your own backyard? Look no further than ProGreen’s artificial turf. With its durability, consistency, and low-maintenance properties, our turf is the perfect addition to any sports enthusiast’s hobby setup. Start perfecting your swing in style – and check out ProGreen today!