Maximize Your Space with Commercial Artificial Grass in Denver

Are you thinking about commercial artificial grass for your property?

Learn about the advantages it offers, from minimal maintenance and sustained year-round lushness to significant long-term financial and environmental benefits. This article breaks down the practical reasons why synthetic turf could be a game-changer for your commercial landscape.

Maximizing Commercial Landscapes with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has expanded its reach beyond sports fields and playgrounds, finding its place in a growing number of commercial properties due to its benefits.

Aesthetics are only a part of the appeal, the installation of artificial grass on commercial properties also brings significant financial benefits, such as reduced maintenance expenses, lower water bills, and an increase in property value.

The Aesthetics of Synthetic Turf

When it comes to creating an appealing commercial space, every detail matters and the landscape is no exception. The aesthetics of a property can make a significant impact on the impression it leaves on its visitors. Here is where synthetic turf comes into play. With its consistent green and uniform appearance year-round, synthetic lawns offer advantages over natural grass.

Financial Advantages

The installation of artificial grass is a good choice for commercial property owners, particularly when considering the reduced maintenance costs. Compared to traditional grass turf systems, artificial grass incurs lower maintenance costs, resulting in savings on watering, mowing, and pest control.

Here are some other financial advantages of artificial grass installations:

    • Significantly reduce water usage, potentially leading to substantial annual savings of 55-75% on water bills for businesses.

    • Reduce long-term landscaping costs by eliminating regular maintenance activities such as mowing and watering.

    • Decrease the need for fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

    • Provide durability against foot traffic and weather conditions, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements over time.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to aesthetic and financial advantages, commercial synthetic turf also makes a significant contribution towards environmental conservation.

It plays a big role in minimizing water waste, potentially saving commercial properties tens of thousands of gallons of water each year. On average, an artificial lawn can save around 99,000 gallons of water per year, making it an impactful tool in water conservation efforts.

The adoption of artificial grass removes the need for harmful lawn-care chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and crumb rubber, commonly used in traditional lawn maintenance.

ProGreen’s Commitment to Quality in Commercial Turf

We take pride in offering high-quality synthetic turf products that meet a variety of needs while maintaining a natural appearance. Our commercial artificial turf is known for its longevity, typically lasting for many years.

dog on artificial turf lawn

We ensure the durability and low maintenance of their commercial turf by:

    • Designing solutions that use high-quality materials

    • Creating turf that can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions

    • Providing proper maintenance guidance

    • Offering low-maintenance needs

Tailored Installations for Every Commercial Property

We consider factors like the property’s size and layout, specific business needs, and aesthetic preferences. We also provide customizable options and competitive pricing to fulfill your needs and budget.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Commercial Uses

We serve a wide range of commercial uses, such as:

    • Playgrounds

    • Event venues

    • Urban spaces

We have carried out specialized installations in the hospitality and leisure industry. These include setting up a putting green at a North Charleston hotel and undertaking numerous artificial grass projects in Denver and Colorado Springs.

A playground with a slide on artificial turf

For playgrounds and recreational areas, we provide tailor-made artificial grass solutions specifically designed to suit these environments. Urban spaces and rooftop gardens can be transformed into green oases in the middle of the city with our synthetic turf.

When it comes to high-traffic commercial areas, we take into consideration several factors, including the turf’s durability, slip resistance, longevity, density to withstand heavy use, and ease of maintenance.

Playgrounds and Recreational Areas

Playgrounds and recreational areas call for surfaces that are safe, durable, and easy to maintain. Our playground and recreational area turf solutions deliver on all these fronts. Our ‘Opti-Play Turf’ is a waterproof, weather-resistant, and UV-protected product that can be tailored in texture and appearance to meet the specific requirements of a playground.

When it comes to playgrounds our safety features set our artificial grass apart from others. It is:

    • Composed of safe, lead-free materials that are non-toxic and suitable for children

    • Designed with a soft and lush blade texture and a padded underlayer to minimize scraped knees and injuries during playtime

    • Can offer a durable and maintenance-friendly green space for 15-25 years, making it ideal for high-traffic playgrounds and recreational areas.

Rooftop Gardens and Urban Spaces

Synthetic turf provides significant benefits to urban areas, especially rooftop gardens. Our synthetic turf serves as an optimal solution for introducing greenery to urban spaces and rooftop gardens, eliminating the need for labor-intensive upkeep associated with natural grass.

We have developed synthetic turf that is tailored to withstand the demanding conditions of urban areas. It is resilient and retains its aesthetic appeal even in the face of strenuous activities, ensuring its ability to withstand the typical wear and tear experienced in urban settings.

Achieving Sustainability Goals with Commercial Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass goes beyond aesthetics. Commercial synthetic turf aids water conservation efforts by:

    • Eliminating the need for water typically used in household irrigation schemes

    • Conserving around 40 gallons of water per square foot each year

    • Saving between 500,000 and a million gallons of water annually

Commercial synthetic turf helps eliminate harmful chemicals such as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and bisphenol A (BPA). The reduction of pesticides with synthetic turf contributes to sustainability goals by enhancing soil health, minimizing water usage, averting the release of harmful pesticides, and lowering the reliance on pesticides and fertilizers.


Commercial artificial grass is a great solution for landscaping, offering aesthetic and financial benefits, and contributing significantly to sustainability goals. Whether it’s for hospitality venues, playgrounds, event spaces, or urban areas, our synthetic turf solutions provide a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to natural grass.

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