Can You Put Artificial Grass on a Rooftop?

A popular new trend is emerging in the artificial turf industry: rooftop installations. Upon first hearing the concept, you may be skeptical and question whether or not it is a good idea. How could it possibly drain? Won’t water get stuck underneath, creating a moldy, rotting rooftop? Will it need to be replaced more often than shingles? These are all exceptional questions and valid concerns for anyone considering an artificial grass roof; so, let’s break it down.

First, drainage should absolutely be a top priority for this application. A sloped roof will not have any problems with drainage, obviously. However, if you are considering synthetic turf to cover a flat roof, some extra precautions will need to take place. Whether it is creating a slope during the installation or ensuring the turf is installed upon a drainage mat, you need to discuss your options with your installer. Do not sign any estimates or contracts without a clear plan to establish proper drainage. However, with the proper installation technique, yes, an artificial turf roof will easily drain and not result in a moldy, rotting rooftop.

On average, a roof of shingles will need to be replaced approximately every 20 years. Like any home investment, the lifespan is entirely dependent on the quality of the shingles. As for artificial grass, the application will help determine the lifespan. For example, a rooftop terrace that experiences regular foot traffic will not last as long as an artificial grass rooftop that is strictly ornamental. However, you can expect an artificial turf roof to last nearly as long as the shingles (15 to 25 years).

Artificial grass is the perfect material to fill any dead space your building or home may have, even if that space is a roof. In fact, a rooftop application is one of the most interesting as it creates a picturesque environment from a space that was previously nothing. We have addressed some of the most common questions regarding the rooftop application, but if you more or are interested in getting an estimate, do not hesitate to contact us.