Backyard Putting Green = 8 Reasons to install yours today

One of the most popular application for ProGreen synthetic turf is to accommodate the growing popularity of backyard putting green installations. We have installed many different shapes and sizes using our putting green turf, and every homeowner has been absolutely thrilled with the results. However, if you find yourself debating whether or not this would be a good addition to your home, allow us to give you eight reasons why having a backyard putting green in your backyard is a great idea:

1) Improve your game:

This might be an obvious reason, but what could be more convenient than having a putting green in your backyard? Practicing your short game is the best way to cut strokes off of your handicap. In no time at all, you will become the one to beat among your group of friends. Considering you have the best training facility available right in your own backyard.

2) Aesthetics:

The bright green color of the synthetic turf will not fade or change. The durability and quality of our turf will ensure you will always have a beautiful view to enjoy.

4) Easy to maintain:

Unlike natural grass, our artificial putting green turf does not require mowing, weeding, chemical treatments, or irrigation. The occasional sweeping or leaf blowing is really all it takes to maintain your putting green.

5) One of a kind:

Anyone can have a pool or hot tub in their backyard, but to have your own backyard putting green is something truly extraordinary. Your house will surely become the talk of the neighborhood and, probably, the most envied as well.

6) Fun Family Time:

Your backyard putting green is a great opportunity for getting your kids to turn off the video games and the television and spend some time outdoors. You will talk, laugh and have fun together; it’s a perfect way to have quality time together.

7) Increase your home value:

If you were ever considering putting your house on the market, having a backyard putting green can increase the value of your home. So, not only is it a good investment for your golf game, but also for your overall wealth.

8) Great parties:

You’ll have the wonderful opportunity to host themed parties. You can have friendly competitions, fundraisers, tournaments and more. Plus, there is hardly a better venue to watch the Masters Tournament than on your very own putting green.

It’s just plain fun: Whether you are a serious golfer or someone who looks at it more as a hobby, having your own putting green makes for a fun way to spend your time.

We offer a variety of different synthetic turfs that are ideal for backyard putting greens. To get more information on these products and an estimated quote for your backyard, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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