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What’s the Best Grass for Shade?

Trees are a highly sought-after feature for any landscape. Their benefits are plentiful: they provide stability for the soil to prevent erosion; they offer shade to help keep you cool from the hot sun; they are habitats for birds and other wildlife; and, they are pretty. However, for all of their advantages, there is one thing that trees are not so great for: growing a full, lush lawn of green grass. Yes, that shade that helps keep you cool also makes it nearly impossible to grow and maintain a lawn. The way we see it, you have two options for growing grass in heavily shaded areas:

  1. Find a natural grass that is shade-resistant. Most of these grasses still need a decent amount of direct sun every day. Even the most shade resistant grass still requires sun in order to grow and thrive. As a result, you will likely have an inconsistent lawn of grass. Some patches will be full, lush and green – these are the areas that get the most sunlight. Then, you’ll have areas that are not as dense or green. Likely, you’ll find yourself re-seeding every year, with hopes that you will finally have an even lawn. Yet, the cycle will only continue year after year.
  2. Invest and install an artificial lawn. ProGreen artificial grass is ideal for these shaded areas where grass cannot grow. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf does not require direct sunlight to look green and healthy. The area could never get any sun, and it would still have a bright green, lush lawn. Not to mention, you will be saving time and money by no longer having to troubleshoot the right type of grass for the area.

What is the best grass for shade? The answer is clear – ProGreen synthetic grass. You will not be able to get an even, healthy looking lawn in a heavily shaded area with natural grass seed, and you may drive yourself crazy trying. It’s time to break the cycle. Contact us for a complimentary estimate today!