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Why is Broom and Grooming Important?

Regardless of the type artificial turf you get, over time, the fibers will start to fall over. This is normal! Think about it: if the turf fibers stood straight up forever, that product would either be defying the laws of physics, or it would feel like you were walking on needles. It’s good for the fibers to have some ‘give’ to maintain a soft and natural feel.

Broom and grooming is the industry term for using a power broom to brush the turf fibers back up into their proper, upright position. This service includes the ‘topping off’ of infill to make sure the turf system is being replenished, as sometimes infill can be lost to heavy rainstorms or washouts. This process also prevents dirt particles and weed seeds from accumulating on the fibers. It’s an important aspect to keeping your turf beautiful for it’s entire life.