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Happy Golf Day!

Golf DayApril 25, 2018 is National Golf Day! For many, this may be the most fun holiday of the year. It’s a day to celebrate the spectacular, and often frustrating, game of golf. To help get you in the spirit, here are a few fun facts about golf:

  • The golf industry is a nearly $70 billion industry and is responsible for approximately 2 million jobs.
  • The holes on a golf course/putting green are 4.25″ in diameter.
  • The first professional golf tournament was held on April 25, 1916.
  • Golf is one of two sports that have been played on moon (javelin throw is the other).
  • The longest recorded putt was 375 feet.
  • The first golf balls were made of feathers wrapped in leather.
  • A “condor” is a hole-in-one on a par 5 – it is incredibly rare, as it has only been verified 4 times.
  • A regulation golf ball has 336 dimples.
  • Golf balls travel farther on hot days.
  • The country with the highest number of golf courses per capita is Scotland (USA is number 8 on the list).

Today, there will be a coalition of golf industry leaders and associations visiting Capitol Hill to discuss the sport and its impact on the economy. If you would like to follow along with their initiative, please visit WeAreGolf.

Of course, if you would rather celebrate the holiday by simply playing golf, it is the perfect excuse to cut out of the office a little early and spend the day on the green. Another fun fact, if you opt out of the golf cart and walk the course instead, you’ll walk an average of four miles.

Yet, not everyone can have the luxury of being able to cut out of work early, and for those of you, it is the perfect opportunity to spend a little time on your backyard putting green working on your short game. Don’t have a backyard putting green? Well, contact ProGreen to get a free estimate so that you’ll be ready for next year’s National Golf Day.