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Improving Your Golf Game Could Improve Your Career

Can improving your golf game really help you get ahead in your career? While we can’t make any guarantees, we can definitely tell you that it won’t hurt. There have been countless studies surveying corporate executives, and the overwhelming majority say golf is a great way to build relationships with associates. These studies also show that nearly 50% of corporate executives made some of their biggest deals on the green. It’s clear to see that golf and business go hand-in-hand, and it has been that way for years.

You may be wondering what it is about golf to make it “the sport of business.” Well, the Economist did a little investigating, and these reasons perfectly explain why golf, more than any other sport, works so well with business:

  1. All ages can play, whether you are a 65 year old CEO or a 23 year old associate. And, it is a sport that does not lend an advantage to younger athletes.
  2. The handicap system allows people of different golfing abilities to compete against each other.
  3. While an average game may take four hours to complete, only a small portion of that is actually hitting the ball. This leaves lots of time to talk business.
  4. Business executives find that the game is a great judge of character. For example, you have to think strategically, keep calm under pressure and manage your temper.

So, if you are interested in climbing the corporate ladder, mastering the game of golf is a must. Everyone knows that the best way to master any sport or craft is with practice, but the demands of your profession do not always leave a lot of free time to visit the country club. So, the ideal solution is to install a backyard putting green, and there is no better company than ProGreen Synthetic Grass for all of your putting green turf needs. In fact, ProGreen was created from a love of golf. Putting green turf was our first product, and, as such, we have perfected the manufacturing process to create an artificial turf for optimal performance and ball roll. A backyard putting green is a must-have feature for everyone wanting to get ahead in their career by improving their golf game.