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Featured Installation: Indoor Dog Agility Center

indoor dog agility facility

We are incredibly proud of this recent installation as it showcases ProGreen turf in the most popular application – dogs. Like peanut butter and jelly, dogs and artificial grass are the perfect pairing. Whether a residential backyard with one family dog or a large commercial facility hosting a multitude of canine traffic, ProGreen artificial grass for dogs is the best surface hands down.

In this specific installation, the indoor agility center knew they needed a surface that would be strong enough to withstand paws and claws that are running, jumping, weaving and abruptly stopping. In addition to durability, it had to be soft enough not to cause any injuries to the joints and legs of these incredibly active and athletic canines. The existing concrete did not meet this criteria, and gym pads would easily tear and buckle under the pressure of the claws. The perfect solution? ProGreen’s incredibly soft and durable artificial grass. While there were many options that would have worked for this application, the canine facility decided upon athletic turf with rubber infill.

Considering our athletic turf was designed to withstand the cleat traffic of multiple men weighing over 200 pounds, there would be no doubt that the turf could handle these dogs. Adding recycled rubber as the infill, instead of sand or EnviroFill, increased the impact absorbency, resulting in extremely soft landings from jumps and tricks. It is clear that this facility made the right choice in the surface material for their agility training course, and we are happy to share this project with you.

Remember that ProGreen synthetic turf is not only ideal for the professional course, but also a vital part for any amateur backyard dog agility course or any pet surface for that matter. So, do not hesitate to contact us to find solutions to any problems you may be having with finding a safe, durable surface for your pets.