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Indoor Putting Greens are the Latest Trend for Homes

What’s the perfect addition to a man-cave or unused room in the basement? An indoor putting green, of course. Indoor putting greens have taken over the home building industry, becoming one of the most sought-after features to add some fun to your home. And, as golf is one of America’s favorite pastimes, it is easy to see why the demand is on the rise. An indoor putting green requires no maintenance, especially since it is not exposed to the elements. There will be rain delays or any other factors that prevent you from practicing your short game. At any given moment, you are free to escape to the tranquility of your golf game.

Now, when making the plunge to have an indoor putting green, you have a variety of choices. You can purchase an easy-to-use kit that is basically a kidney-shaped piece of felt or you can invest in a luxurious putting green that will transport you to your favorite golf course every time you get on it. If you are looking to add value to your home with a truly impressive custom feature, then you want to invest in a true indoor putting green from ProGreen. Whether you choose to install it yourself or get it professionally done, ProGreen putting green turf is the only choice for your surfacing material. You can even add fringe if you like. For anyone who wants to install it yourself, our team is happy to provide you with support through the entire process to ensure the end result will be a polished, professional looking putting green in the comfort of your own home.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon and get your own indoor putting green, but remember they are not only limited to homes. You could easily add one to your office, too. Call us today for a quote!