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ProGreen Synthetic Turf Creates a Mobile Lawn for Tiny Homes

Perch & Nest recently debuted their 2018 showcase home at the North Carolina Tiny House Street Festival. The modern design and luxurious features made it a stand-out favorite during the three day festival. The home has many characteristics that you would expect from a tiny home – a compact kitchen, unique storage capabilities, multi-functional furniture pieces and more. However, Roost26 does have one added feature that you may not expect: a mobile lawn created by ProGreen’s K9 Deluxe 60. The beautiful, lush artificial lawn welcomes guests to this remarkable home and makes a stellar first impression.


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Low Maintenance

Collaborating with Perch & Nest on their showcase home was a perfect fit for ProGreen as tiny homes and artificial grass share many benefits. One of the biggest draws to the tiny home lifestyle is simplicity. Less material items and less clutter are known to reduce stress. In addition, it is much easier and cheaper to maintain a 400 square foot home than a 4,000 square foot home. Tiny home living is a less stressful, fewer responsibilities, spend-time-doing-what-you-enjoy type of lifestyle. Artificial grass offers the same benefits. With its low maintenance properties, artificial turf requires significantly fewer responsibilities than natural grass and affords you free time to do what you enjoy.


Another major perk to tiny living is reducing your carbon footprint to live a more sustainable life. Tiny homes require less energy, less water and less waste, preserving many of Earth’s natural resources. Green living is such an important piece to tiny homes that many of them are equipped with added green features like rainwater receptacles, compost toilets, solar panels and more. Roost26 features an incinerating toilet, which saves about 2,000 gallons of water per year, per person. Adding a mobile lawn of ProGreen synthetic grass is just one more green feature to make your tiny home more sustainable.

If you want to see Perch & Nest’s 2018 showcase home, it is located in the arts district of Downtown Winston-Salem, NC. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to see this amazing home!

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