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New Year, New Turf

Happy New Year!

A new year brings in new resolutions and goals. We know 2020 was a very challenging year, so keeping up with your resolutions and goals may have felt impossible. But we made it. It’s finally 2021 and with that, a chance to hit refresh. I think we can all agree that enjoying more time with family, relaxing, and getting some peace of mind are excellent resolutions to have going into this next year.

2020 also taught us that that loving where you live is very important. A home isn’t just a place to rest anymore. It’s a place to entertain, to educate, to make memories, and to live. During the year we saw record numbers of homeowners investing in home improvement projects for this very reason. This investment not only made a year of staying at home more enjoyable, but also increased the values of our homes. In 2021, home improvement is trending to have another record breaking year. Here’s why we think you should choose an artificial lawn transformation as your home improvement project this year, and why it might tie into your personal new years resolutions.


  1. Save water – a great new year goal is to save more water. This benefits not only your bank account, but your community and the planet! Artificial turf does not require water to survive and look beautiful.
  2. More free time – artificial turf requires way less maintenance than real grass. This means you will have more time during your busy week to just relax. When you do not have to worry about all your outside chores, you will have more time for yourself! How you use this time is up to you: spend it with family, go traveling, watch sports all weekend long without worrying about the lawn. Freedom from the lawn is yours.
  3. Feel some pride in your space – when you are happy with your yard, you will want to spend more time in it. It is hard to enjoy your front or back yard when it is dead or muddy, but when it is green and pleasing to the eye, you will find yourself wanting to enjoy the space more often.
  4. Peace of mind – the physically tangible benefits of switching to an artificial lawn are obvious. What might not be as obvious is the complete peace of mind that comes with having an artificial lawn. When you’re thinking about weekend plans, you no longer have to commit thought to lawn maintenance – mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, treating anthills, trying to figure out how to fix the dead spots. By investing in an artificial lawn, you have one less ongoing project to worry about…congratulations!


  1. Front Yard – up your curb appeal in the front yard with landscape artificial turf. Install a longer product to make the turf look more realistic.
  2. Backyard or Pet Turf – enjoy your backyard with landscape turf or pet turf. If you are just wanting to help improve the aesthetic of the lawn in the backyard, or you are wanting a grassy area for the kids to play on, install a landscape turf in the backyard. If you have pets using the grassy area, be sure to install a pet friendly artificial turf product, also known as pet turf.
  3. Putting Green – bring some fun to the yard with an artificial putting green. Practice your game and entertain! Spend time outside with family and friends this year by playing on your very own putting green.

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