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Sprinturf Acquires Greenplay, an Organic Infill Company

Daniel Island, South Carolina, June 6, 2020 – Sprinturf, a leading, national artificial turf company, announced the acquisition of GreenPlay Organics, a leading supplier of plant-based organic infill systems. Both companies have extensive installations of artificial turf systems from coast to coast.

Sprinturf, in business since 1998, is the only North American company that produces all their fibers and turf, in house, and in America. GreenPlay’s plant-based infill systems have the unique distinction of providing “natural grass like” play conditions with temperature, aesthetics and performance that matches natural grass.

Rom Reddy, Managing Partner, Sprinturf commented, “The synergy between Sprinturf and Greenplay will create a single source provider of next generation playing surfaces that are cool to the touch, aesthetically pleasing and fully recyclable”.

Domenic Carapella, President of GreenPlay stated, “The partnership is a huge milestone to me since first introducing plant-based infills to the US over a decade ago. While GreenPlay will continue to operate independently and supply products to the entire industry, the opportunity to develop next generation systems with Sprinturf is exciting. The new generation of turf systems will provide athletes across the county with an affordable, high value turf system that plays, feels and looks like natural grass”.

About Sprinturf: Sprinturf, based in Charleston, SC has been in business since 1998 with over 2500 national and international artificial turf installations. Sprinturf is the first and only turf company that has 100% American ownership, manufacturing, sales and installations. For more information, visit www.sprinturf.com

About Greenplay: Greenplay Organics, based in New York, manufactures and distributes organic turf infill for artificial turf applications. Greenplay Organics sources materials from select pesticide free crops and blends by utilizing only natural processing methods. Greenplay has over 100 installations in the US and is considered America’s original organic turf infill. For more information, visit www.greenplayusa.com