Synthetic Sod: The Fibers Matter

One artificial turf company is currently facing a multitude of lawsuits for installing synthetic turf fields with fibers they new were faulty. As a result, field turf systems are failing all over the country in as little as two years after the installation. It’s a terrible and sad situation for all of the schools that are having to deal with this, but it is also a cautionary tale for you, a homeowner or business owner, that reinforces the importance of purchasing quality artificial grass for your project.

synthetic turf fibers

ProGreen’s yarn during the extrusion process. This photo was taken at our manufacturing plant in Dadeville, AL.

Installing artificial grass in your home is a home improvement project, and it needs to be treated like one. A cheaper price tag can be enticing on the surface, but the risk that you take could cost you double only a few years after installation. There are two main components to synthetic turf: the fibers and the backing. Both of these parts are vital to the overall quality of a product, but most turf failures are due to the fibers, not the backing. There are no measures that can be taken to make a fiber more durable by tufting it into the backing. As such, you need to pay special close attention to how the fibers are made.

Like the company facing the lawsuits, many synthetic turf companies purchase their yarn from a third-party (often overseas) and tuft it (sew it into the backing) domestically. They will claim this product is made in America, but, in truth, the fibers were not. When yarn is extruded by an overseas company, they are not required to meet the strict quality standards of American made products. They can use cheap resins, additives, fillers or anything to create their products. In fact, the artificial turf company purchasing these fibers really has little control over the raw materials that makes their fibers, let alone the quality of these materials.

ProGreen fibers are 100% made in America in our extrusion facility in Dadeville, AL. We use only the highest quality resins to make best yarn possible. Our fibers do not have any fillers or additives to compromise the quality. Everything put into our yarn is there to make it better and stronger. With ProGreen products, you will not be taking a risk of having faulty fibers.

10 years ago, there was an obvious distinction between the quality of American-made products and the others, but the foreign products are improving every year, making it more challenging to differentiate as well as more appealing to choose the cheaper product, but don’t risk it. Just remind yourself of the many synthetic turf fields that are failing all over the country due to the faulty fibers.