Unique Uses of Artificial Turf

When you think of artificial turf, you probably just think about it being installed for lawns or putting greens. As artificial grass manufacturers, we have seen and heard of an incredible amount of unusual uses for our artificial grass. Here are some fun ideas that artificial turf can be used for, especially if you have some leftover remnant pieces from your install!



A very common use for artificial turf is to lay it out in front of a RV or trailer. This will give you a cleaner spot for the kids to play on or do activities on. It will also act as a doormat too to help stop any extra dirt from getting into the RV or trailer. Place some lounge chairs on the turf and just relax! When you are done, roll the turf back up and throw it in the trailer or RV again.


A lot of businesses have begun to install artificial turf on their walls to add a little extra flare to the building. It gives the wall texture and makes the space feel inviting. If you are wanting something different from just a plain colored wall and you do not want to hang up a bunch of pictures, an artificial turf wall is the perfect option. It makes a plain space more interesting. It is great for outdoor spaces and commercial buildings. You can also decorate the turf wall with picture frames or signage to really make the space pop.


A popular use for artificial turf remnants is doormats. You can easily cut the turf in a rectangular shape and use it as the front or back door mat. It is different from your typical doormat and adds some color!


Especially when it comes to wedding centerpieces, artificial turf is a great option for the base of a centerpiece on a table. It adds some greenery to the table that will not die. It will also add texture to the table. A lot of people will cut the artificial turf into a circular or rectangular shape and will use the turf as the base for the centerpieces.


Another popular use for artificial turf is rooftops and decks. If you do not want your neighbors looking down on an ugly rooftop or deck, laying down artificial turf is a great option. Whether you use the rooftop or deck or not, the artificial turf will provide a nicer aesthetic. It is an easy, long-lasting fix to your unsightly problem.


If you live in an apartment or condo, you may only have a patio or balcony as an outdoor space. We know it can be annoying taking the dog out for a walk every time they need to go to the bathroom. If you have a puppy or a small dog, a potty box is a great solution. These can be bought premade online, or you can take remnant pieces of artificial turf to make your own DIY Potty Box for your patio or balcony.


Are you a chess or checkers fanatic, or are you trying to get good enough to hold your own? Adding an artificial grass chess set to your space not only looks awesome, but provides a fun, mind-enhancing activity that you can enjoy outdoors. It’s great for all ages and the giant pieces add to the fun – just imagine knocking over your opponents’ pieces with your own!


With artificial grass, lawns and putting greens are just the start. The opportunities are endless and we’re so excited to see what you creative uses our customers come up with next! Contact us today for a free artificial grass estimate.

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