World Water Day 2018

World Water DayToday, March 22, 2018, we celebrate World Water Day 2018. Originated by the United Nations in 1993, World Water Day is a day to celebrate our most precious natural resource – freshwater. It’s also a day to focus on making efforts to preserve and protect our freshwater supply to ensure future generations will not have to struggle. Since it’s a day for focusing on freshwater conservation, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to discuss the water saving benefits of ProGreen artificial grass.

Reducing water usage and decreasing groundwater contamination are two primary benefits of synthetic turf. According to the World Water Day fact sheet, domestic use accounts for 10% of the world water demand – this does not include drinking water, which is less than 1%. In short, we use 10 times more water for dishwashers, toilets, washing machines and outdoor use than for drinking. If we are going to preserve this resource for future generations, we need to decrease domestic use. By investing in an artificial lawn, you can eliminate the need for irrigating your water-thirsty natural grass, drastically reducing outdoor water usage.  In fact, the water conserving features of artificial turf are so significant that it can even earn LEED credits for your home or business.

Eliminating groundwater contamination is another way to protect our freshwater supply. Many times groundwater contamination is overlooked. People do not realize how spills of hazardous materials and harsh chemicals can seep through the soil into the groundwater. Also, topical applications, like pesticides, can be washed away with rainwater, also contaminating the groundwater. Yet, artificial turf does not require any applications of hazardous chemicals and reduces oil and gasoline spills since there is no longer a need for a lawn mower.

On this day, take a moment to reflect on our freshwater supply and come up with things that you can do, whether small or big, to help. Let us know your suggestions in comments below.

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