Use Artificial Grass Under the Trampoline

Ensuring that you have a kid-friendly backyard is a top priority for many homeowners across the country. In fact, consumers spend over $350 million dollars annually on outdoor toys to help promote a love for the great outdoors. Among these outdoor toys, trampolines and play structures are two of the most popular. Without a doubt, these items will transform any backyard into a fun kid zone, but it comes at the expense of the lawn.

Trampolines, especially, are notorious for creating a very large area of dead grass. The black material of the trampoline serves as a sunlight barrier, and, without direct sunlight, grass will not grow. As such, it usually does not take long for the area under the trampoline to become an eye sore. There are many creative suggestions to help prevent this scenario, including things like putting the trampoline on a mulch or pine bed or using gravel, but if you want to have a beautiful, green lawn under your trampoline, there really is only one option: artificial grass.

Synthetic grass is the ideal solution for any area where grass will not grow, and the space under the trampoline is no exception. No matter how many feet are running on the turf or how many trampolines are on it, the grass will continue to be lush, green and beautiful. ProGreen artificial grass is also ideal to surround sunken or in-ground trampolines, which is a trend rapidly growing in popularity.

Considering its durability and aesthetics, artificial turf really is one of the best components in creating a kid friendly backyard. Contact us for more information.