Why Artificial Grass Backyards are Great for Summer

Summer has sprung all across the nation. Even the areas that experience harsh winters are seeing bright sunshine, warm weather and breaks from school. So, the big questions is how do you keep your kids entertained day after day throughout the summer. The most popular answer is the pool, lake, water park or other water-related activity, mainly because this is the only time of the year that is warm enough to really enjoy these activities. Of course, for anyone trying to stay on budget, daily trips to the community pool and water park are not going to cut it. So, on the off days from the pool, you can get creative and turn your backyard into a water-spraying oasis. You can make a homemade slip n slide, set up the sprinkler, have a water balloon fight or fill an inflatable/plastic pool. When using your own backyard as your kids’ oasis, artificial grass is the best option.

Summer Friendly Backyards: Artificial Grass vs Natural Grass

You may be wondering why artificial grass is a better choice for your summer backyard than natural grass, and if really matters. Well, let us go over the advantages of synthetic turf, and you can decide for yourself.

  1. No mud – When you combine water and natural sod, you get one sticky, messy substance – mud. There is absolutely no way to avoid it. There is also no way to avoid it getting on the feet and paws of the kids and pets who walk through it. Even worse, the mud lingers for hours, and sometimes even days. Yes, you can have your kids wipe their feet before entering the house to keep the mess contained outside or spray them down with the house to keep them clean, but wouldn’t it be easier to just not have to deal with mud at all? ProGreen has the most sophisticated drainage system on the market. So, no matter how wet our artificial grass gets, there will never be a mud problem. The turf will stay dry and clean, and so will your kids and pets.
  2. No destruction of your yard – Another negative side effect of the mud problem is the fact that it can ruin your yard. Mud alone usually won’t be an issue, but the mud/puddles combined with heavy foot traffic is a recipe for disaster, and will likely result in a myriad of dead spots throughout your lawn. ProGreen synthetic grass is 100% made in the USA and of the highest quality. Our turf is durable and resilient. It can withstand the rigorous demands of a summertime backyard and still look just as wonderful as the day it was installed.
  3. No grass blades sticking to wet feet – As the kids’ feet get wet in the sprinkler or the pool, the grass will stick to them and be pulled out of the ground. Not only do many kids not like having grass stuck to their feet, but every blade of grass pulled up from your lawn is one more added to the destruction of your lawn. ProGreen artificial grass will stay rooted to the tuft bind even when wet feet are stepping on it. So, the kids are happy because their feet stay clean, and you are happy because your lawn will continue to look great and healthy.
  4. No grass in your pool – For anyone that has a pool in their backyard, kids treading blades of grass into the water can be quite an annoyance. Yet, there is no way to avoid it – the grass blades stick to the wet feet, and then get transferred into the pool. Yet, as we previously mentioned, artificial grass blades do not stick to wet feet, and so, it will eliminate the problem of grass in the pool.

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