A Closer Look at ProGreen’s High Quality Artificial Turf

In recent years, as modern technology has greatly improved the look of artificial grass, high quality artificial turf has emerged as a popular lawn choice for homeowners and businesses. You basically get the appearance of natural grass without the hassle of maintenance.

At ProGreen, we have gone to great lengths to go above and beyond to provide the best products on the market. In this article, we’ll talk about our artificial grass products that have made us a leader in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Realistic Look and Feel: ProGreen’s high quality artificial grass offers a realistic look and feel, making it indistinguishable from natural grass.

  • Range of Products: With a wide range of products suitable for both residential and business applications, we cater to many different landscaping needs.

  • Safety First: We prioritize safety by making sure that our artificial grass products are free from PFAS.

Features of Our Realistic Artificial Grass

ProGreen takes pride in offering realistic artificial grass that mimics the look and feel of natural turf. We use advanced technology and only high-quality materials, so our synthetic grass products boast lifelike textures and vibrant colors.


Varying types of infill in containers on turf

ProGreen utilizes high-quality infill materials to increase the resilience and longevity of their turf products. Common infill materials include silica sand and rubber granules, which help stabilize the turf fibers, provide cushioning underfoot, and improve drainage.

During installation, the infill is evenly distributed across the turf surface to maintain consistency and prevent compaction, leaving a soft and comfortable playing surface.

Blade Material

tropical platinum artificial grass

The blades of our turf products are crafted from premium synthetic fibers engineered to mimic the appearance and feel of natural grass. These fibers are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, resist fading from UV exposure, and maintain their vibrant color over time.

ProGreen offers a variety of blade shapes and textures to create different looks and performance characteristics, from lush and dense to shorter and more resilient for high-traffic areas.

Manufacturing Process

Our synthetic turf products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and strong quality control measures. The manufacturing process begins with the selection of high-grade raw materials, followed by precision cutting and shaping of the turf fibers.

The fibers are then tufted into a backing material using specialized machinery to make sure the entire turf surface is uniform and consistent. After tufting, the turf undergoes testing to verify performance standards such as drainage, durability, and colorfastness.

Finally, the finished turf is rolled and packaged for shipment to customers like you, ready to transform your outdoor spaces with its beauty and functionality. It’s no wonder we have the most realistic artificial grass out there!

ProGreen’s Artificial Grass Products

turf options in a binder

At ProGreen, you’ll find an extensive selection of artificial grass products to suit many needs. We have short pile heights ideal for high traffic areas and taller blades for a more luxurious appearance.

We also offer specialized turf products. For instance, we provide pet-friendly turf with enhanced drainage capabilities for a clean and odor-free environment for your furry friends. We also offer artificial turf putting greens for the golf enthusiasts who want a professional experience in their own backyard.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products in the lineup.

Pet Turf

A dog standing on artificial grass

ProGreen’s pet turf is specially designed to meet the unique needs of pet owners seeking a safe and clean outdoor space for their furry companions. Crafted with durable materials and advanced drainage technology, our pet turf provides a low-maintenance solution.

Its antimicrobial properties help prevent odors and bacteria buildup, while the surface provides comfort and safety for pets of all sizes. With our artificial turf for pets, you can enjoy a fresh lawn without worrying about pet-related wear and tear.

Putting Greens

A backyard artificial grass putting green with trees

One great way to boost to look of your backyard—or your building’s landscaping if you’re looking for commercial applications—consider installing an artificial turf putting green. We offer the most realistic artificial grass for putting greens. The turf is designed to replicate the performance of professional golf courses.

Engineered for precision and consistency, an artificial turf putting green from ProGreen provides a true ball roll and natural contours.


A daycare center with a playground on artificial turf in the mid-atlantic region

Create a safe and inviting play area for children with ProGreen’s artificial turf for playgrounds, engineered to withstand the rigors of active play. Designed with durability and safety in mind, our playground artificial turf features a soft and resilient surface that cushions falls and reduces the risk of injuries.

Its non-abrasive fibers and superior drainage capabilities ensure a clean and hygienic environment for children to explore, play, and learn. With vibrant colors and long-lasting performance, our artificial grass is the ideal choice for schools, daycare centers, parks, and residential playgrounds.

Athletic Fields

turf bsaeball field

There’s been a long debate about whether real grass or fake grass is better in sports. ProGreen has put a lot of time and energy into creating products that make artificial grass just as safe as real grass without the required maintenance regime. Ours is the best artificial grass on the market, making it the ultimate solution for sports facilities.

Engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and intense gameplay, our artificial grass products for athletic fields provide a consistent playing surface that enhances performance and reduces the risk of injuries.

Its durable construction and resilient fibers guarantee long-lasting durability, even in the most demanding environments. With customizable options and industry-leading technology, our turf sets the standard for excellence in sports turf solutions.

Keeping Things PFAS-free

pfas free logo

We are committed to providing a safer, healthier alternative to traditional artificial turf by sourcing materials that are free from PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals widely used in various consumer products but have raised significant environmental and health concerns due to their persistence and potential adverse effects.

PFAS, commonly known as “forever chemicals,” are highly resistant to breaking down in the environment, earning their name due to their persistence. We acknowledge the environmental and health risks associated with PFAS and choose to exclude these chemicals from our manufacturing process.

While some artificial turf products may contain PFAS, we believe in a proactive approach to PFAS-free products. We implement testing and quality control measures, work with manufacturing partners to avoid the use of PFAS, and maintain transparency in our manufacturing process.

ProGreen’s dedication to safety and environmental responsibility extends to every aspect of our business. By choosing ProGreen’s PFAS-free artificial turf, you can make a responsible decision toward your health and the environment.

Next Steps

ProGreen’s high quality artificial turf stands out for its realistic appearance, versatile applications, and unmatched quality. And our unwillingness to use harmful chemicals in our manufacturing process is the ultimate reason we are the leaders in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can transform your spaces with the best artificial grass.

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