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Are you tired of spending hours maintaining your natural grass lawn only to see it wither away during hot summer months? Artificial turf offers an attractive and low maintenance alternative that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the advantages of artificial grass, various types and applications, how to choose the right product for your project, and the environmental impact of artificial turf. Let’s dive in and discover how artificial grass can transform your residential or commercial property in Orlando, FL.


Water Conservation

Artificial turf conserves water, crucial for drought-prone Southern California, reducing wastage and aiding resource preservation.

Chemical Use

Synthetic turf eliminates harmful chemicals, preserving the environment and providing a low-maintenance, green landscape.

Recyclability & Disposal

Dispose of artificial grass responsibly by using landfills or participating in recycling initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Artificial turf offers a low-maintenance solution to lawn care, with water conservation benefits and pet-friendly options.
  • Professional installation ensures an aesthetically pleasing artificial grass that looks & feels like natural grass.
  • Artificial turf has environmental impacts on water conservation, chemical usage & recyclability, all of which should be taken into consideration when making a decision about its use.
  • ProGreen has been installing Artificial Grass in LA for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience.
    We use the very best products on the market. We’re a partner you can truly trust.
Orlando Artificial Grass

The Advantages of Artificial Turf

Installation of artificial turf has gained immense popularity in Raleigh, NC due to the numerous advantages it holds over natural grass. Artificial turfs require less maintenance, conserve water resources and are highly durable with pet-friendly choices making them a great selection for homeowners residing in LA.
By using this synthetic grass option, you can save both time as well as money that would otherwise have gone into mowing, watering or fertilizing your lawn! Given how Natural grass fails to get enough sun light or water supply within this region, installation of faux yard proves to be practically useful along with being aesthetically appealing for front yards, backyards, and even sports fields & putting greens (commercial applications).

Low Maintenance

Do you want a beautiful lawn that doesn’t need to be constantly maintained? Installing artificial turf is the perfect solution! It provides many advantages such as its low maintenance requirements. There’s no longer any need for mowing, weeding or fertilizing, your lush green lawn will stay pristine all year round with minimal effort from yourself. This also brings great environmental benefits. Eliminating the use of gas-powered equipment means reducing carbon emissions and saving energy with traditional upkeep methods. Artificial turf offers an incredible blend of convenience and eco-friendliness – there really is something for everyone here!

Water Conservation

Switching to artificial turf can be a substantial contribution towards conserving water in Southern California. As estimated by WaterSense, up to 400 gallons of water are used daily by an average family of four for outdoor activities such as watering real grass - with 30% being dedicated solely to that purpose. By replacing it with synthetic grass in Orlando, FL County, 55 gallons per square foot each year will be saved from not needing regular watering anymore. This small change would make big waves when it comes to preserving this precious resource in the area around and beyond California itself.

Durability & Longevity

Artificial turf is a low-maintenance lawn solution that has been engineered with advanced technology to withstand harsh temperatures, UV rays and consistent foot traffic. This long lasting synthetic grass provides an attractive option for residential as well as commercial applications such as sports fields or putting greens, all with minimal upkeep required! With correct maintenance, artificial turf can stay in great condition for up to 15 years, making it the perfect choice when looking for something durable.

Pet-Friendly Options

Those with pets have something to be joyful about, there are various artificial grass options available that can fit their needs! K9 pet turf and ProGreen’s product designed for dogs are specially created to be easy-to-clean, safe for your animals, and resistant against odors from urine. This ensures a clean lawn no matter how much your furry pals play on the turf. When selecting which option best suits you, keep in mind certain variables like what type of pet it is being used by, the traffic around it, and climate conditions. As well as budget constraints so that all those elements work perfectly.

Residential Lawns

Prior to hiring an artificial grass installer, it’s important to know what questions to ask. Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What is your installation process, especially if you’re a pet owner looking for a pet-friendly solution?
  2. What type of warranty do you offer? Some contractors provide a 3-year warranty period, while others offer a limited lifetime warranty.
  3. What are the terms of the warranty? Make sure to understand the terms before making a decision.

Seeking references from previous clients is also a vital step in the hiring process. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the installer’s work quality and customer service. ProGreen is proud to have 1,000’s of happy customers across the united states.  Read our reviews below.

Putting Greens & Sports Fields

If you’re into sports and golf, the perfect solution for your putting green or sport field is artificial turf. This includes synthetic grass made of nylon turf, polypropylene fiber or other similar materials with low maintenance requirements that guarantees consistency in performance as well as durability.
Creating an outstanding quality practice area without having to go through all the effort needed on natural grass can be done by making use of fake lawns right at home garden, commercial spots or any outdoors facility! It’s a great way to craft up just what you need while saving yourself from upkeep troubles associated with actual greens.

An artificial turf soccer field in backyard of house
A pool in a backyard with a black fence and an artificial grass putting green surrounded by palm trees

Commercial Spaces

Faux grass is an appealing and low maintenance solution for commercial spaces. Artificial turf has a greater durability than natural grass, which makes it cost effective in the long run, as there will be little upkeep or replacements required. Synthetic grass can be installed into various types of applications such as rooftops, patios, playgrounds and pet areas to create inviting functional outdoor spaces too.
Natural turf would take more frequent care than artificial while also providing fewer practical uses due to its lack of durability compared with fake versions. Making faux variations far better options for business establishments and other organizations looking to upgrade their exterior space on any budget constraints levels.

Choosing the Right Artificial Grass for Your Project

When it comes to selecting the perfect artificial turf for your project, there are a few important considerations. Our expert team will help you assess these factors and make an informed decision when choosing between different types of grasses. The key features we’ll be focusing on include appearance, quality, durability, budget implications and intended use. By taking all of these into account before deciding which type is best suited for your needs. You can ensure that your investment in artificial turf meets every requirement desired!


When looking to create a natural lawn, selecting the right artificial turf is key. With many colors and textures available, you can easily find an option that meets your aesthetic preferences as well as blends in with your existing landscape. The goal should be for it to resemble organic grass without compromising other requirements of yours, so pick one that provides both these attributes!

Quality & Durability

When it comes to installing artificial grass, you should always prioritize quality and durability. The materials used in construction such as polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon fibers are essential for creating a lasting surface that will stay resilient despite its use, whether residential lawns or sports fields. When purchasing synthetic turf for your home or commercial grounds, make sure the product is of high-quality so that it stands the test of time. Otherwise, replacement over time can become more frequent than desired.

Budget Considerations

When deciding on artificial grass, budget should be taken into account. Quality and the materials used all come with a price tag so it is essential to research your options in order to identify an affordable option that meets your needs. Besides taking cost-effectiveness into consideration, one must also factor in the expense of installation as well as maintenance for upkeep over time when putting together their financial plan. Striking a balance between quality and affordability will help ensure you get good value out of your investment by having a long-lasting attractive lawn. ProGreen is dedicated to providing excellent service and affordable prices.

Intended Use

When selecting artificial turf, you need to take into account its intended use. The type of grass chosen should match the purpose it is needed for. Otherwise, it could be unsuitable and unsatisfactory. When constructing a pet area with synthetic lawns in mind, one ought to look out for products that are easy to clean and resilient, which makes them ideal for this kind of application. On the contrary, if building a putting green requiring an even playing surface, then quality turfs must be selected accordingly offering consistency when being used. Thus, understanding your desired outcome ahead of time can guide you towards finding exactly what’s necessary regarding installation involving artificial grass efficiently!

Our Artificial Turf Installation Process

When you work with ProGreen you work with the Pro’s! We take a very systematic approach to make sure you get the perfect end product and are informed all along the way. Our process is as easy as 4 steps. These steps include:

  • Getting the site ready;
  • Placing down synthetic grass;
  • Applying infill material;
  • Finishing touches.
people laying out artificial turf

Site Preparation

Creating an artificial lawn requires the grounds to be properly prepped. To do this we take away any existing grass, dirt or hardscape components and then flatten out the area prior to installing weed blocking material that will stop weeds from coming through your turf. A prepared site gives you a strong base for it so that it stays secure and retains its appeal over time.

Laying the Turf

Now that the groundwork has been completed, it’s time to install your artificial turf. Our experts will make sure they properly line up each piece and cut any necessary pieces for a smooth fit in your area. If seams don’t match correctly, they could be quite noticeable and hurt the overall look of your lawn, so accuracy is key…and our team is flawless!
Once all sections are aligned securely, we will nail or staple down at the edges to ensure nothing shifts out of place as this will give good stability underneath the grass-like material.

Infill & Finishing Touches

To finalize the installation of artificial turf, an infill material is applied across the lawn evenly to make it look and feel like natural grass. This can be done with silica sand, crumb rubber or a combination of both. Then use a stiff brush for texture and shape so that when finished, there’s no difference between your lawn and real grass.
The process of installing synthetic turf requires attention to detail in order to create a realistic surface which mimics genuine greenery – from adding infill through brushing up all elements together – ultimately bringing out its most lifelike features. Seen enough? Contact us today!

Caring for Your Artificial Lawn

Maintaining an artificial turf requires some effort in order to keep it looking and functioning its finest. Here are a few tips on taking care of your lawn with synthetic grass so that you can enjoy the beauty and longevity of it for years ahead.
By practicing these basic maintenance methods, one will be able to maintain their low-maintenance surface nicely.
From cleaning to grooming and even minor repairs – such as sweeping away debris or adding infill – keeping up regular upkeep is key when caring for any type of artificial turf!

A dog lying on an artifiical grass putting green in charlotte, nc

Cleaning & Grooming

A pristine outdoor space can be kept with minimal effort by properly maintaining your artificial grass. Leaves and other debris should regularly be cleared from the surface using either an electric leaf blower or a rake, while dust and bacteria may periodically need to be removed through rinsing. To prevent matting in high traffic areas of the turf, it is helpful to use a stiff brush for cross-brushing as well. With regular cleaning and grooming upkeep, you can continue enjoying your lawn’s functionality and appearance over time.

Minor Repairs

In order to preserve the look and quality of artificial turf, regular inspections are essential. If any tears or loose seams appear, take action quickly to prevent them from worsening. It is important to vacuum up infill that has migrated and redistribute evenly across the lawn. Taking care in this way will ensure your turf remains durable for years to come!

The Environmental Impact of Artificial Grass

When it comes to artificial turf, homeowners and businesses should take the environmental implications into consideration before making a decision. Here we’ll examine how water conservation, chemicals and recyclability factor in when using synthetic grass. By being aware of these elements one can determine if this is an optimal choice for both their property and our planet.
Weighing up the pros and cons such as potential savings on water or reliance on chemical treatments will help with deciding whether or not fake grass is suitable based off individual needs. Evaluating all components associated with choosing faux lawns allows us to be more conscientious about what type of landscape best fits our unique requirements while still adhering to eco-friendly practices at the same time.

Water Conservation

Artificial turf can provide an environmental benefit by conserving water, and this is especially important for places like Southern California that have frequent droughts. By choosing synthetic grass, you will be able to reduce your usage of H2O while contributing towards the preservation efforts in this part of America.

The watering requirements for artificial turf are minimal compared to natural grass, which means it can save a considerable amount of water over time with proper maintenance. Synthetic lawns offer many advantages including their contribution to reducing wastage when it comes to using valuable resources such as fresh drinking water or irrigation purposes.

Chemical Use

Using synthetic turf instead of natural grass eliminates the need for many harmful chemicals used in traditional lawn care, such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. These substances can contaminate soil, water and air, leading to health problems as well as environmental damage.

Switching to artificial grass drastically decreases your use of these damaging materials while still allowing you to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing green space in your home or business setting. Synthetic turf is a great way to reduce chemical-related waste whilst maintaining the look of real grass without regular upkeep!

Recyclability & Disposal

When it comes to artificial grass, not all components can be recycled. Yet there are still methods of disposal that minimize its environmental footprint. To ensure your lawn leaves little impact on the environment, you should consider disposing at a landfill or taking part in recycling initiatives for end-of-life turf fields.

By doing this consciously when discarding your fake turfs and blades of grass, you’ll help protect nature while also making use of available resources more efficiently.

why choose progreen for your Artificial grass?

When looking to transform an outdoor space into a beautiful, lush oasis that requires low maintenance for years to come, artificial turf is a great eco-friendly alternative option over natural grass. With various applications available such as residential lawns, putting greens or sports fields and commercial spaces one can easily select the perfect type of synthetic grass depending on factors like appearance, quality and budget.
Artificial turf offers many advantages compared to regular natural grass: it needs less water consumption, has greater durability, plus it’s pet friendly! When considering all these aspects, there’s no doubt why choosing this kind of product should be taken seriously…Don’t trust your project to just anybody or try to install it yourself. You can trust ProGreen to do it right the first time and you’ll be enjoying your new space in a matter of days. Contact us to book a free estimate today!

A person and person sitting on artificial turf with a dog

Frequently Asked Questions

A major downside of artificial grass is that it retains more heat than its natural counterpart, making the atmosphere even hotter and walking on it far from pleasant. This could be quite a nuisance if you have synthetic turf in your yard or other areas around your home. Natural grass does not produce the same effect as much, allowing for cooler air.

The installation of artificial grass in Orlando, FL can cost anywhere from $8 to $15 per square foot, with the addition of materials ranging between an extra $1.50 and up to $6.50 per square foot as well.

For a strong base beneath synthetic turf, it’s suggested to employ a sub-base of either decomposed granite (DG) or crushed miscellaneous base (CMB). This will create an even and densely packed support for your grassy area. Having this foundation is essential in order to preserve the look and feel of your lawn.
When looking into whether artificial grass is a good fit for your yard, it’s essential to consider all the pros and cons. Do your research so that you can make an educated decision – think about both advantages and disadvantages of this type of turf. Grass may be an ideal option if its benefits outweigh any negatives when compared with other types available on the market today. Knowing how to install synthetic lawns might help.
There are multiple pet-friendly types of artificial grass available that provide a comfortable, durable and easy to clean surface for animals. It’s an ideal way to create green outdoors spaces with minimal effort required in maintenance compared to real grass. Not only is it practical but also pleasing on the eye without having to care extensively about keeping up appearances like one would do when caring for regular turfgrass. This makes this type of lawn perfect not just as a healthy space solution but also ensures your furry friends have access too – allowing them fun outdoor areas they can enjoy safely.